Breaking Bad Review

Breaking Bad
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So, Breaking Bad is a neo-western crime drama in New Mexico, USA. The TV show has won over 28 awards from golden-globes, prime-time Emmys and Critics Choice Television awards. 

Now, Breaking Bad is famous for its gritty, thrilling and unpredictable writing that entices the audience. It creates the character arc of a normal family man to one of the biggest drug lords in New Mexico.

Breaking Bad

Synopsis Of Breaking Bad

Walter White, a high-school chemistry teacher with a genius background, receives a lung cancer diagnosis. In an attempt to pay off his health costs, he turns to making pure quality meth. Everything runs privately and smoothly until he meets Jessie, an ex-student drug dealer in the meth business. Walters’ arrogance and Jessie’s immaturity cause chaos for their business. Their flaws lead them into serious trouble where they are confronted with dangerous drug bosses who they will either have to kill or work alongside.

Amongst the chaos of meth-making, Walter has to hide his crimes from his loving family including his brother-in-law, Hank. All would run smoothly if Hank were not a DEA agent who is specifically chosen to find the maker of the incredible ‘blue sky’ pure meth that Walt is responsible for. 


A lot of the landscape in Breaking Bad is based in the desert with orange sand-hills, dirt roads and blue skies. The desert-like feel adds to the neo-western genre of the show. Filming in New Mexico provides a raw portrayal of the beautiful sandy landscapes. We continuously see these landscapes for the most harrowing and brutal scenes of violence. The contrast created by this reflects the demise of Walter White to Heisenberg. 

Jessie And Walter

One of the most interesting aspects of the show is the relationship growth between Jessie and Walter and not necessarily in a positive way. Jessie starts as a young junkie criminal with a big heart, unable to really harm anyone. Walter at first cares for Jessie having previously taught him in school. Their relationship is almost like father and son in comparison to Walt and his actual son (Walter Jr) who he seems a little detached from.

Moving forward as Walt becomes murderous and greedy, we see a shift in the way he sees Jessie. No longer a son but someone he can manipulate and take advantage of to help sell and make meth. Throughout the show, Walt contributes to the demise of Jessie by letting his girlfriend die as well as poisoning a child that Jessie cares for. He forces Jessie to make his first kill turning him into a depressive.

The Metaphorical Death Of Walter White

There’s a theory: within the pilot, Walter White metaphorically dies and Heisenberg, the drug lord of New Mexico, is born. Walt hears sirens in the distance after producing meth and ‘killing’ two enemies in his RV. Believing his end is near he pulls a gun to his head and pulls the trigger. Luckily, the safety is on so Walt avoids death. He soon realises the sirens are fire sirens for elsewhere and from that moment on Walt knows what he is capable of getting away with. This ignites darkness already within him and begins the long road to becoming Heisenberg. 

Analysis Of Breaking Bad

Overall, Breaking Bad delivers extraordinary insight into the mind of a drug lord. Not to mention the greed that can bring about the demise of an ordinary man. Throughout the show, there is constant anticipation of Walt’s family finding out and the DEA bringing him down. This anticipation keeps watchers on the edge of their seats. The unexpected and shocking deaths of people we grow to like also add fear to the show. That’s because we cannot predict the thoughts and actions of anyone.

Summary Of Breaking Bad

If you want a gripping TV crime show that you won’t be able to pause, Breaking Bad is for you.

Overall Rating: 9.5/10 – Classic

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