Now That You Know Song Review – Ronan Leonard

Ronan Leonard Now That You Know
Image Source: Ronan Leonard

Song: Now That You Know
Artist: Ronan Leonard
Release Date: February 18 2022

Ronan Leonard has released a new song called Now That You Know. The sentiment behind the song is truly heartbreaking, yet simultaneously very inspiring. This stripped-down country and folk single lets Ronan tell us how it is. He tells us how he’s been feeling through a tough situation of a loved one’s recent diagnosis of dementia. This single combines Ronan’s voice and the laid-back instrumentation to create something which we should all be thankful for.

Now That You Know

Description Of Now That You Know

This song has a smooth and raw country/folk sound to it. And at its most attentive, it has a touch of old Van Morrison. With the unfussy drums, bass, electric guitars, and heart-wrenching violins that effortlessly harmonize and blend. It allows for the audience to be taken back in time, to when some music was simple, while also so dynamic. When the fiddle line begins to unfold, I really felt that the harmonies they produce are a standout feature. The emotion that they bring to the single shows how Ronan’s love isn’t wavering. But you can feel the pain behind the recent diagnosis.

The harmonies in the fiddles make me feel as if it’s his memories and his beloved being represented. While Ronan is singing alone, he doesn’t know what lies ahead. As it is more stripped back, it allows us to really hear the pain in his voice. This will be because it’s a very personal and intimate song for Ronan. The main theme is loss and how to cope with the news that will ultimately change the way you and your loved one live. The single allows Ronan Leonard to journey back to happier times. But know that ahead is unknown but have to come to terms with it.

Analysis Of Now That You Know

So, this is a very personal song for Ronan Leonard. The Irish singer, I feel, has buried his soul and the lyrics talk directly to what is happening. He is not shy in the way he phrases his disappointment, singing “Now I can see, the wasted time, the wasted years”. I believe this is his way of getting through the tough times. And also letting all these frustrations go when you know a person you love won’t have a lot of time left. I understand the song and I think it will speak to many people who are going through the same things. Ronan Leonard is very brave for putting his life and feelings on the line and for that many people will be thankful.

Summary Of Now That You Know

Ronan Leonard has shown great vulnerability with his new single ‘Now That You Know’. The audience is taken back to easier times with him and his beloved. While he is also trying to work out the unknown with the dementia diagnosis. You can feel the pain in his voice and the emotion through the fiddle lines. Which makes the single heart-wrenching. This single will connect to many people who are going through similar situations. And hopefully, allow them to find peace in all the uncertainty.

Overall Rating: 8.5/10 – Excellent

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