The Martini Lounge Valentines 15th Anniversary Special Review, Epstein Theatre, Liverpool

Martini Lounge
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Show: The Martini Lounge Valentines 15th Anniversary Special
Location: Epstein Theatre, Liverpool
Date: Friday February 18 2022
Time: 20.00
Running Time: 140 Minutes
Age Rating: 16+
Performers: Millie Dollar, Stage Door Johnny, Edd Muir, Coco Deville, Velma Von Bon Bon, Paul Curran & Louise Dutton

The Martini Lounge Valentines 15th Anniversary Special returns to the Epstein Theatre.  They are celebrating 15 years of the Martini Lounge, following on from their smash hit Christmas show. Performer Millie Dollar created the Martini Lounge, a Liverpool-based burlesque and variety show in 2007, which ran first at the Royal Court Theatre, before moving into St George’s Hall and the Epstein Theatre.

Now, the Epstein Theatre is the perfect venue for a Burlesque variety show. A former music hall with a lot of history, it boasts red velvet plush seats and curtains along with gold rococo decoration. Burlesque is about storytelling and comedy as much as it is about sensuality and anticipation. And the Martini Lounge had it all.

The Martini Lounge Valentines 15th Anniversary Special

Description Of The Martini Lounge Valentines 15th Anniversary Special

Despite Storm Eunice, the audience braved the weather and got into the warm. We were in for an absolutely amazing evening, despite some of the original acts being unable to make it. Unfortunately, the weather conditions had disrupted rail and road travel. However, not to worry! Stage Door Johnny stood in as compere for the evening and he did a sterling job.

I believe it was his first foray into managing a Liverpool audience but he soon go to grips with the role. He seamlessly pulled all the acts together and entertained between with singing and comedy interludes. Millie Dollar was the first act. Provocateur and sultry seductress, she led the way with an artful masterclass in burlesque. Further performances followed. Ms Coco Deville sashayed onto the stage.  Wonderful choreography and real body positivity with beautiful costumes. There were two sets and both were stellar performances.

Perfect Balance

Velma Von Bon Bon appeared on stage, complete with a unicycle. My companion who has never been to the Martini Lounge before had no idea what was ahead of her. Well, you don’t often see an attractive lady strip whilst balanced on one wheel?

Her act in the second half was just as jaw-dropping.  Velma was obviously hoping for a life-size champagne glass prop. However, there was a small bowl at the top of a pole, barely large enough to sit in. The acrobatics and comedic genius of Ms Von Bon Bon had the audience alternately in stitches. But then they were agog at the strength required to perform her moves.

In between the ladies performances, there were two further acts.  Edd Muir gave us a ‘diet coke break’ pole dance that an Olympic gymnast would be proud of! I have seen Edd previously and his whipping skills. But this time, the aerial acrobatics were seriously impressive.

Analysis Of The Martini Lounge Valentines 15th Anniversary Special

Speaking of impressive. Paul Curran and partner Louise Dutton put on a brilliant display of acrobatics, dance and roller skating. Their performance was one moment tender, then raunchy, then absolutely eyepoppingly fast moves and spins. Again the strength and control of both Paul and Louise was incredible. Millie Dollar closed the show with her unique burlesque dance style which showed off her enviable assets.

Summary Of The Martini Lounge Valentines 15th Anniversary Special

This show is classy, sassy, funny and not to be missed. Look out for a future Martini Lounge performance – you won’t be disappointed! This was simply stupendous.

Overall Rating: 9/10 – Outstanding

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