A Thong For Europe Review – Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool

A Thong For Europe
Image Source: Jason Roberts

This is our review of A Thong For Europe at Liverpool‘s Royal Court Theatre!

Description Of A Thong For Europe

Lulu (Lindzi Germain) lives in Waterloo, and she’s the biggest Eurovision nut you could meet. ABBA’s tambourine was playing as she arrived in the world! Furthermore, she drinks Bucks Fizz and has a restraining order courtesy of Sonia. So, with Liverpool hosting the competition, she wanted to make the most of this opportunity. And she offered her house to anybody who wanted to stay overnight (albeit for a small charge).

Her visitor? Beryl (Emma Bispham), the star of the new nation of Balkania. But while Beryl lacks grace and talent, she does have a ton of questionable confidence. So, could Lulu help Beryl to defeat the odds and reach the Eurovision final? She will certainly give it her best shot!

Analysis Of A Thong For Europe

There is so much to enjoy about this show. The frequent Eurovision references and spot-on exaggerations of local heroes participating in the competition get plenty of laughs. As does the always-amusing Lindzi Germain, who perfectly suits her role here. The other cast members are also as entertaining as ever, though Keddy Sutton is particularly hilarious. Then, you come to the soundtrack, with plenty of memorable tunes from over the years at Eurovision having a moment during this production.

In addition, there is a very clever use of video clips that provides one of the highlights of the evening. And of course, there’s the excitement that this show provides with Eurovision itself being just a few weeks away. It’s a feel-good story that sets the stage nicely for the big event on the waterfront on 13 May. Not forgetting, of course, the outstanding singing throughout this production. Who knows, maybe Beryl has a chance to make the actual final after all!

Summary Of A Thong For Europe

This show is the best possible way to prepare for Eurovision’s bow in Liverpool. It’s a fantastic and fun production that offers lots of laughs and plenty of great musical moments. So, this is a must-see show and one of the best that you will see in Liverpool this year.

Overall Rating: 10/10 – Perfect