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Wrestling Review: WWE SmackDown, March 26 2019

This was a very good episode of SmackDown, and superior to Raw the previous night.

DVD Review: WWE Royal Rumble 2019

You should garner plenty of enjoyment from reliving WWE Royal Rumble 2019 on DVD.

DVD Review: WWE TLC 2018

With several matches of a high standard, and only one true dud, WWE TLC 2018 is an enjoyable and underrated show.

Wrestling Review: WWE Royal Rumble 2019

This wasn't the best Royal Rumble show ever, but it was one that I definitely got a kick out of.

Wrestling Review: WWE SmackDown, January 22 2019

One can only come away from SmackDown feeling positive, both about the episode itself and about potential developments as we begin the Road To WrestleMania.

Wrestling Review: WWE TLC 2018

If you’re a wrestling fan in any way, then WWE TLC 2018 had something for you.

Wrestling Review: WWE SmackDown, December 4 2018

This was a really enjoyable show. At a time when Raw is clearly struggling for a variety of reasons, SmackDown keeps chugging along just fine.

Wrestling Review: WWE SmackDown, November 27 2018

This was a fun episode of SmackDown to watch. It wasn't the best of the year by any means, but it was a big improvement on last week's show.

DVD Review: Then, Now, Forever: The Evolution Of WWE’s Women’s Division

I'd still suggest that you should check it out, and there are enough worthy matches included to warrant a purchase.

Wrestling Review: WWE SmackDown, June 12 2018

This episode of SmackDown flew by, which is a really good sign. Bryan-Shelton was excellent given its time, and Hardy-Nakamura was very good too.