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Wrestling Review: WWE Fast Lane 2019

Fast Lane was a lot of fun, and the show served its main purpose in getting fans more excited for what will be happening at WrestleMania 35.

Wrestling Review: WWE Raw, January 14 2019

Raw has made a strong start to 2019, and with next week marking the final episode before the Rumble, I am hoping that its momentum continues.

Wrestling Review: WWE Raw, January 7 2019

Overall, this week’s Raw was an average-to-good show.

DVD Review: WWE Extreme Rules 2018

WWE Extreme Rules 2018 does have some entertaining content that, along with the extras, just about make it worth a gander on DVD.

DVD Preview: WWE Extreme Rules 2018

WWE Extreme Rules is always a fun, bone-crunching show – but the 2018 edition is one of the best ever!

DVD Review: WWE WrestleMania 34

There are plenty of moments and matches here that will cater to every fan, from the casual viewer tuning into see Ronda Rousey’s debut to the longtime follower watching for Undertaker vs. Cena to the die-hard supporter that will eat up Gargano vs. Ciampa.

Wrestling Review: WWE Raw, May 14 2018

This show had its moments, but the Rousey-Jax announcement and Seth-Owens are the main reasons to check it out. The remaining content is entertaining, but not quite must-see.

DVD Preview: WWE WrestleMania 34

WWE heads to New Orleans for its biggest show of the year, WrestleMania 34!

Wrestling Review: WWE Raw, April 16 2018

Overall, while this wasn't a great show by any means, it definitely had its moments, and it will be fun to see what other roster moves come about via the Superstar Shake-Up tomorrow night.

DVD Review: WWE WrestleMania 23

On the whole, WrestleMania 23 is a very enjoyable card which to a fan watching in hindsight should not disappoint. Combined with entertaining extras and a more-than-worthwhile HOF presentation, the WM 23 DVD receives a strong recommendation from me.