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EA Brings Back Beloved Classic Games!

EA has been problematic at almost every opportunity. Known for rushing developers, working long hours, cancelling games, and probably worst of all...

How They Could Save The ArkhamVerse

The ArkhamVerse has been unceremoniously killed off for the sake of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. Hopefully we can get a...

Everything We Know About the Wonder Woman Game

A Wonder Woman project helmed by Monolith studios, the ones behind the Mordor series, was announced at the 2017 game awards. In...

Is This The End For The Batman: Arkham Series?

Just like the Batman, Batman: Arkham Asylum came out of nowhere and delighted both fans and critics. It was hands down the...

Every Game Announced at the Nintendo Direct 21/02/24

Nintendo released a brand new Direct onto their YouTube channel. Showcasing several games that are due to be released later this year,...

Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag FINALLY Has A Sequel

Intro - Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag Sequel Image Source: Eurogamer The fourth instalment of the...

5 Characters That NEED To Be Brought Back For Mortal Kombat...

Image Source: Emu Xbox With the recent explosion of rumors regarding Mortal Kombat 12, many fans anxiously anticipate...

PlayStation Plus Free Games | June 2022

Here is our official rundown of the PlayStation Plus free games in June 2022. Read on for more information on each title.

Liverpool FC Fifa 22 Ratings

Here are the official player ratings for Liverpool Football Club on Fifa 22.

AEW Games – An Analysis

After much anticipation, All Elite Wrestling made an exciting announcement in the form of an AEW Games presentation.

Game News: PlayStation Plus August 2020 Free Games Recap

AS the first week of August draws to a close, we can take a look at the free games on offer as part of Sony’s PlayStation Plus service for August 2020.

WWE 2K Battlegrounds Game Announcement

WWE 2K Battlegrounds has been announced for release this autumn in the wake of WWE 2K21 being cancelled.

WWE 2K21 Cancelled – An Analysis

Here, we will analyse why WWE 2K21 has been cancelled and the potential future of the series.

PlayStation Plus October Free Games Recap

As we progress through the month of October, let us take a moment to glance back at the free games available to those holding...

Game News: PlayStation Plus September 2019 Free Games

For those of you who have not seen September’s selection of free games for PlayStation Plus (PS Plus), it builds on the momentum set...

Game News: WWE 2K20

Today's announcements demonstrate a good start for the countdown to WWE 2K20.

Game News: PlayStation Plus – August 2019 Monthly Free Games

Let's take a look at the line-up of PS Plus games for August 2019.