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Best Taskmaster Series

Best Taskmaster Series Ranked

Introduction Before you ask no, I’m not milking this show dry honestly. Or no less than Channel 4 is…....

Best The Cleaner Episodes Ranked

Introduction Well I guess The Cleaner had a good run. Despite only reportedly running for two series, Greg Davies’s...
Best Inbetweeners Episodes

Best The Inbetweeners Episodes Ranked

It was a riot, it was outrageous, and it was hilarious. Now, we take a look at the very best Inbetweeners episodes!

Best Taskmaster Episodes Ranked

Greg Davies and Alex Horne set various tasks for a group of comedians. And we celebrate this show by ranking the best Taskmaster episodes!

Best Cuckoo Episodes Ranked

Here is our list of the best Cuckoo episodes! We count them down, as well as recapping the most memorable moments from the show.

Best Taskmaster Tasks Ranked

These are the best Taskmaster tasks ranked! The show sees 5 comedians, actors or TV personalities humiliate themselves for terrible prizes.