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DVD Review: WWE Super Show-Down 2018

WWE Super Show-Down is a decent event, and a nice way to pass the time with some noteworthy matches and moments, but I wouldn't describe it as must-see.

DVD Preview: WWE Super Show-Down 2018

WWE Super Show-Down is one of the biggest sports-entertainment events of the year!

DVD Review: WWE Royal Rumble 2012

Royal Rumble 2012 is a somewhat underwhelming card, especially given the high stakes of this annual tradition. So, while you’ll definitely find some moments to enjoy from watching the show, I wouldn’t suggest that you should go out of your way to see it.

DVD Review: WWE Elimination Chamber 2012

Elimination Chamber 2012 is not poor from an in-ring standpoint, for the three major matches anyway. But if you chose to skip it/not watch it, you’re not really missing anything.

DVD Review: WWE Extreme Rules 2012

The finish of the last match aside, Extreme Rules 2012 is a great show on the whole, and is well worth checking out on DVD.

DVD Review: WWE No Way Out 2012

When The Rock and Brock Lesnar weren’t around, the 2012 WWE product wasn’t particularly interesting at all, as this PPV demonstrates. It’s not a terrible card by any means, but hardly anything sticks out when all is said and done.

DVD Review: WWE Royal Rumble 2018

Looking back, the two Rumble matches and the Handicap match are the main reasons to see this again, though it's Ronda Rousey's show-closing appearance that will stand as the reason to most remember Royal Rumble 2018. Either way, the show was a big success, and you'll have a lot of fun reliving it on DVD.

DVD Preview: WWE Royal Rumble 2018

Welcome to WWE’s most anticipated match of 2018, the 30-competitor over-the-top-rope Royal Rumble!

DVD Review: WWE TLC 2017

What happens when a one-match card suffers from outside factors forcing that bout to be cancelled? We found out at this year's TLC event, when the official reunion match of The Shield against a five-man army under Tables, Ladder and Chairs rules saw Roman Reigns removed for medical reasons with 48 hours' notice.

DVD Preview: WWE TLC 2017

The Superstars of Raw head into one of the most brutal, jaw-dropping events ever - Tables, Ladders & Chairs. Kurt Angle returns to the ring to team with The Shield, AJ Styles battles Finn Bálor, and Asuka makes her debut in this incredible night of action!

DVD Review: 1997: Dawn Of The Attitude – WWE

When analysing the history of WWE, previously the WWF (and the WWWF before that), a pivotal year is 1997. A revolution was happening on-screen, and years of promoting wrestling to please the kids and bringing the families was being slowly replaced by a rebellious product which focused on entertainment via strong language, sexuality, bloody violence and more mature themes to the storylines.

DVD Preview: 1997: Dawn Of The Attitude – WWE

For the first time ever, Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley, Ron Simmons, The Godfather and Kane sit together with host Renee Young and share their behind-the-scenes experiences during 1997 – one of the most unforgettable and influential years in WWE history.

DVD Review: WWE Extreme Rules 2014

The first PPV in the new era of WWE after WrestleMania XXX is a worthwhile card with several entertaining battles, and one which takes the "Extreme" name to the, erm, extreme (hint: the DVD cover spoils it).

DVD Review: WWE Battleground 2014

Battleground 2014 was the poorest WWE event of the year thus far, and therefore it's hard to recommend the DVD release. The review could potentially end there, but I'll go into a bit more detail.

DVD Review: WWE Live In The UK: November 2014

This is worth owning for the Ziggler/Cesaro/Kidd match alone. That is the best match held on any of the UK tapings in recent years, probably since the John Cena-Shawn Michaels clinic from 2007. The rest of the content is less vital, but as an overall package, it's still a pretty decent set to have.

DVD Review: WWE Live In The UK: April 2013

Despite the snowball-effect of the content on offer, Raw and SmackDown are well worth watching, the retro match is enjoyable, and SMS is compelling for different reasons. So, if you're planning to revisit UK television tapings from WWE, this is one of the better options.

DVD Review: WWE Live In The UK: April 2012

It's far from offensive and you'll get a kick out of various matches and segments, but this is not a vintage WWE DVD whatsoever. Oh, and skip NXT.

DVD Review: WWE Live In The UK: November 2010

The shows were still entertaining from a live perspective, but it was clear that WWE was struggling both commercially and critically. This is worth watching from a historical standpoint, but I can't honestly say that this is a DVD that you should own.

DVD Review: WWE Live In The UK: April 2008

This is a much wiser purchase than the October 2007 Live In The UK release, but it's still only average.

DVD Review: Raw’s Most Memorable Matches – WWE

Only the first & last matches have been released in full on other DVDs, so this is a nice little release to pick up while we wait for 2003 episodes of Raw to be added to the WWE Network. Considering that it is a bargain-priced DVD, and assuming that you don't take the title too seriously, this is well worth picking up.