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DVD Review: WWE Survivor Series 2015

Only die-hard collectors or fans of The Undertaker (since this was his 25th anniversary) are likely to enjoy this DVD; otherwise, barring a clearance sale, you may want to steer clear of this one.

DVD Review: Daniel Bryan: Just Say Yes! Yes! Yes! – WWE

As an overall package, this is a great wrestling DVD. So, is this one that all Daniel Bryan fans should purchase? Take a wild guess at the answer ... Yes! Yes! Yes!

DVD Review: The Twisted, Disturbed Life Of Kane – WWE

Kanenites should be more than satisfied with this release on one of the most underrated yet important characters of the last 20 years in WWE.

DVD Review: The Undertaker’s Deadliest Matches – WWE

This is one DVD where the repetition of matches was necessary, because it feels very incomplete. I can certainly see why WWE did not overlap content between this and Tombstone, but this is one of the few DVDs where I feel it should have been the case; we could have at least had the KOTR 1998 Cell showdown with Mankind.

DVD Review: Brothers Of Destruction: Greatest Matches – WWE

This DVD is definitely one for the diehard fans of Undertaker and Kane. The matches are all worth watching (besides maybe the SummerSlam encounter) and are relatively short, but none are really that good and, as such, the DVD won't appeal to those who buy a few releases per year.

DVD Review: The Road Is Jericho – Epic Stories And Rare...

To conclude, this DVD isn't quite in the same league as Breaking The Code. However, it is a very enjoyable and entertaining look at some of Jericho's most memorable matches,  but is more notable for bringing together plenty of hidden gems and unreleased battles. If you're a Jerichoholic, you will love this DVD.

DVD Review: Hell In A Cell – WWE

It does get a bit repetitive, and it is rather violent, but when it comes to a wrestling DVD which delivers hard-hitting combat on a big stage to settle huge rivalries and deliver great matches and unforgettable moments, there aren't many you will find which are as good as Hell In A Cell.

DVD Review: Tombstone – The History Of The Undertaker – WWE

A modern-day look at Taker's career, including a proper documentary and a round-up of matches covering his entire career, from the pre-WWE days to the major bouts of the 1990s and his biker phase to the highlights of the Streak, would unquestionably be superior, but in the meantime fans should be satisfied.

DVD Review: WWE WrestleMania XX

Overall, then, the WrestleMania event itself has plenty of engaging content but falls short of the greatest in the event's history and the hype which surrounded it beforehand.

DVD Review: Straight To The Top: The Money In The Bank...

It is not one of the absolute best wrestling DVDs ever, but the Money In The Bank Anthology is definitely on the rung just below. It is a great compilation that all WWE fans will love.