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DVD Review: WWE Live In The UK: November 2014

This is worth owning for the Ziggler/Cesaro/Kidd match alone. That is the best match held on any of the UK tapings in recent years, probably since the John Cena-Shawn Michaels clinic from 2007. The rest of the content is less vital, but as an overall package, it's still a pretty decent set to have.

DVD Review: WWE Live In The UK: May 2014

This is a very entertaining two-disc set with a number of highlights. The matches are good at best, but there's a couple of bouts that are worth watching. So don't expect a lot of great bouts, but you can expect to be thoroughly entertained.

DVD Review: WWE Live In The UK: November 2013

There's enough quality material to keep you entertained, even if these shows are inferior on the whole to those held in London a few months beforehand.

DVD Review: WWE Live In The UK: April 2013

Despite the snowball-effect of the content on offer, Raw and SmackDown are well worth watching, the retro match is enjoyable, and SMS is compelling for different reasons. So, if you're planning to revisit UK television tapings from WWE, this is one of the better options.

DVD Review: WWE Live In The UK: November 2012

Things would improve for the better a few weeks later with the arrival of a certain faction known as The Shield. They would play a key role in the next round of UK tapings, which I will document in the April 2013 review.