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Nell Bryden Interview

We recently spoke to Nell Bryden and asked her a number of questions about her life and career so far!

Kerri Watt Interview

We spoke to Kerri Watt about her new single Jessie, her career so far and what she hopes to achieve in the future!

Teddy Thompson Interview – RNCM Theatre, Manchester

We spoke to Teddy Thompson about his new album, his career so far, and the chance to perform with John Grant later this year.

Twinnie Interview – Deaf Institute, Manchester

We recently asked Twinnie about her new album Hollywood Gypsy, her UK tour and her diverse career in entertainment so far!

Ward Thomas Interview – Grand Central Hall, Liverpool

We spoke to Ward Thomas about their anticipation to return to the road on tour, as well as their careers so far and their future ambitions!

Elesha Paul Moses Interview – What’s Love Got To Do With...

An interview with Elesha Paul Moses from What's Love Got To Do With It?

APRE Interview – Phase One, Liverpool

We spoke to APRE about thei careers so far and their upcoming gig at Liverpool's Phase One.

Music Interview: Elvana, O2 Academy, Liverpool

We spoke to Elvana front man Elvis about the band, their UK tour so far, and something we may not know about the band …

Music Interview: Childcare, Sound Food And Drink, Liverpool

Childcare perform at Sound Food And Drink in Liverpool on Tuesday December 10.

Music Interview: Sarah Jayne Crust, Country Superstars, Auditorium At M&S Bank...

We spoke to Sarah Jayne Crust about the upcoming Country Superstars show in Liverpool.

Music Interview: John Reilly, The Definitive Burt Bacharach Songbook, Epstein Theatre,...

We spoke to John Reilly about The Definitive Burt Bacharach Songbook coming to Liverpool.

Music Interview: Elesha Paul Moses, What’s Love Got To Do With...

Elesha Paul Moses: "What's Love Got To Do With It has it all there for you, and you will leave thinking 'Wow, I want to come back again!'"

Music Interview: Astroid Boys, Echo Arena, Liverpool

We caught up with Astroid Boys to learn more about their formation, their rise up the ranks and other tidbits which fans may not know.

Music Interview: G4, Parr Hall, Warrington

We spoke to G4 about their next tour, their history together and an interesting fact which their fans may not be aware of.

Music Interview: Damian Darlington, Brit Floyd, Echo Arena, Liverpool

We recently spoke to Damian Darlington about Brit Floyd's upcoming show in Liverpool on Friday March 3.