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Theatre Review: The Beach Boys Tribute Show, Epstein Theatre, Liverpool

This show was a sensational tribute to The Beach Boys.

Music Review: Ultimate Elvis, Auditorium At M&S Bank Arena, Liverpool

Ultimate Elvis was a superb evening of musical entertainment.

Music Review: The Billy Fury Years, Epstein Theatre, Liverpool

The Billy Fury Years is a must-see for any of his fans.

Music Review: Tom Jones And The Shades Of The 60s

Tom Jones And The Shades Of The 60s was an authentic and professional show.

Music Review: What’s Love Got To Do With It, Empire Theatre,...

What's Love Got To Do With It was the ideal show for any Tina Turner fans; if you like Tina, you will definitely enjoy this.

Music Review: The Meat Loaf Story, Auditorium At Echo Arena, Liverpool

The Meat Loaf Story is the ideal homage to an unforgettable musician, and all involved put on quite the spectacle.

Music Review: Elvis World Tour, Echo Arena, Liverpool

Elvis World Tour is a near-perfect demonstration of why he was, and will always be, the King of Rock 'n' Roll.

Music Review: Fast Love – A Tribute To George Michael, Empire...

I love my job reviewing! It allows me to see sterling shows such as Fast Love. I would recommend this show to any George Michael fan.

Music Review: King Of Pop, Auditorium At Echo Arena, Liverpool

I definitely enjoyed King Of Pop, and I would suggest that any longtime Michael Jackson fans should check out this tribute to one of the best ever.

Music Review: Jive Talkin’ Perform The Bee Gees, Epstein Theatre, Liverpool

Jive Talkin' was a performance which the whole audience enjoyed and one I would watch again.