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Full Swing review

Introduction Netflix’s “Full Swing” is a documentary series spanning eight episodes that follows the lives of professional golfers and...

Best MonsterVerse Movies Ranked

Image Source: Collider As we’re all getting more and more excited in the build up to Godzilla X Kong:...

Leo (Marianetti, Smigel, & Wachtenheim, 2023) – Netflix Movie Review

Adam Sandler’s partnership with Netflix has brought us several movies so far, including: The Ridiculous 6 (Coraci, 2015), Murder Mystery (Newacheck, 2019),...

Movie Review: The Killer (Fincher, 2023)

Movie: The Killer Production Companies: Netflix Studios, Plan B Entertainment, Boom! Studios, Panic Pictures (II) Director:...

Best The Good Place Episodes Ranked

Introduction Well, this is definitely the second best series Michael Schur has ever done. And no reward for guessing...

Movie Review: Ted (McFarlane, 2012)

Movie: Ted Production Companies: Media Rights Capital, Fuzzy Door Productions, Bluegrass Films, Smart Entertainment Director: Seth...

Best Lucifer Episodes Ranked

Introduction By Lucifer, this is a great show. Despite ending nearly 2 years ago, Lucifer still stands as a...
The Umbrella Academy

Best Umbrella Academy Episodes Ranked

Introduction Well, I guess it rains when it pours for this dysfunctional family of superheroes. While the Umbrella Academy...

Movie Review: Spy Kids Armageddon (Rodriguez, 2023)

Movie: Spy Kids Armageddon Production Companies: Skydance, Spyglass Media Group, Double R Productions Director: Robert Rodriguez
Warrior Nun

Best Warrior Nun Episodes Ranked

Introduction Thank god for that… Apart from the blasphemous segue, Warrior Nun as a series may have been canned...
Shadow and Bone

Best Shadow and Bone Episodes Ranked

Introduction Hopefully Shadow and Bone doesn’t follow in the unfortunate footsteps of other Netflix fantasy shows. I’m looking at...
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Best It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Episodes Ranked

Introduction Well, how ironic is it that sometimes it isn’t always sunny in Philadelphia… Terrible segue aside, It’s Always...

Movie Review: Birdbox Barcelona (Pastor and Pastor, 2023)

Movie: Birdbox Barcelona Production Companies: Nostromo Pictures, Chris Morgan Productions, Dylan Clark Productions Directors: David Pastor,...
Best Snowpiercer Episodes

Best Snowpiercer Episodes Ranked

Introduction Insert a relevant snow pun here…. While the future of Snowpiercer is very much up in the air,...

Best Star Wars: The Clone Wars Episodes Ranked

With some great vocal performances and brilliant storylines, Star Wars The Clone Wars was an integral part of many Star Wars fans' childhoods.

Best You Episodes Ranked

Here are the best You episodes. You first debuted on Lifetime in 2018 and later moved to Netflix where all three seasons currently reside.

Best Breaking Bad Episodes Ranked

Well I've got no creative introduction here other than saying how good Breaking Bad is. And so here are the best Breaking Bad episodes!

Movie Review: Pinocchio (Del Toro, 2022)

Movie: Guillermo Del Toro's Pinocchio Production Companies: Netflix Animation, Double Dare You!, Shadowmachine, The Jim Henson Company 

Best Formula One: Drive to Survive Episodes Ranked

Introduction Man, I'm missing the F1 right now. So with no F1 until next year why not look back...

Best Midnight Club Episodes Ranked

Let's look back at Mike Flanagan's most recent adaptation: The Midnight Club by ranking the best Midnight Club episodes!