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Wrestling Review: WWE NXT, March 20 2019

This was a very unusual and unique episode of NXT. It was an episode of monumental proportions that thrust the main event scene of...

DVD Review: The Best Of NXT: TakeOver 2018 – WWE

The Best Of NXT: TakeOver 2018 is close to flawless; it almost couldn't be any better.

Wrestling Review: WWE NXT, March 13 2019

Overall, this episode of NXT set up some meaningful matches, but it certainly saved its best moments till last.

Wrestling Review: WWE NXT, March 6 2019

Overall, this was a very entertaining episode of NXT, and was an amazing showcase of tag team wrestling on the brand.

Wrestling Review: WWE NXT, February 27 2019

Overall, this was a thoroughly enjoyable episode of NXT, which mainly featured the women's division and put over the new Women's Tag Titles.

Wrestling Review: WWE Raw, February 18 2019

This was a decent episode of Raw with some good action, and a great night for the NXT talent, though the largely unresponsive crowd did not help matters.

DVD Review: Best Of NXT 2017 – WWE

While NXT may have passed its initial peak a few years back, the groundwork has been laid for the brand to arguably achieve even greater things as 2018 rolls on. If that is the case, 2017 will have played an important role in that, making this DVD worth watching that much more.

DVD Preview: Best Of NXT 2017 – WWE

Don’t miss out on Best Of NXT 2017!

DVD Review: Sasha Banks: Iconic Matches – WWE

For a three-match DVD, this is as good as it gets. Add a few more belting encounters and this becomes a must-own; as it is, though, I would highly recommend checking this out, and at a low price too.

DVD Review: Bayley: Iconic Matches – WWE

The Iconic Matches series of straight-forward mini-collections of memorable bouts continues with The Hugger herself Bayley being profiled.