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Theatre Review: Still No Idea, Unity Theatre, Liverpool feat. Lisa Hammond...

I would definitely suggest checking out Still No Idea.

Theatre Review: Lost Boys, Unity Theatre, Liverpool feat. Louis Carrington &...

Lost Boys is the perfect portrayal of mental health problems faced by young people, particularly males, in 2019.

Theatre Review: Blood Brothers, Empire Theatre, Liverpool feat. Lyn Paul, Daniel...

Blood Brothers is the best play that you could possibly see.

Theatre Review: This Girl, Hope Street Theatre, Liverpool

This version of the play for This Girl, unfortunately, does not do Cynthia Lennon justice.

Theatre Preview: Toast, Playhouse Theatre, Liverpool

Toast comes to Liverpool's Playhouse Theatre in September 2019.

Theatre Preview: Still No Idea, Unity Theatre, Liverpool

Still No Idea comes to Liverpool's Unity Theatre in September 2019.

Theatre Review: War Horse, Empire Theatre, Liverpool

War Horse is a production that you will keep recommending and rewatching over and over again.

Theatre Preview: Masquerade, Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool

Masquerade begins at Liverpool's Royal Court Theatre.

Theatre Review: Lost Soul 2 – Smigger’s Wrecked Head, Royal Court...

Lost Soul 2 - Smigger's Wrecked Head is the perfect sequel to the original production.