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Theatre Preview: Toast, Playhouse Theatre, Liverpool

Toast comes to Liverpool's Playhouse Theatre in September 2019.

Theatre Review: American Idiot, Playhouse Theatre, Liverpool

American Idiot is a fantastic treat for any Green Day fan.

Theatre Preview: Heart Of Darkness, Playhouse Theatre, Liverpool

"Heart Of Darkness is simply too important a work to be avoided."

Theatre Review: A Christmas Carol, Playhouse Theatre, Liverpool

A Christmas Carol is an adult Christmas must-see, and so reasonably priced.

Theatre Review: Still Alice, Playhouse Theatre, Liverpool

Overall, Still Alice is an outstanding performance.

Theatre Review: The Habit Of Art, Playhouse Theatre, Liverpool

All of the performances from the actors show that they are in love with The Habit Of Art.

Theatre Review: Jane Austen’s Persuasion, Playhouse Theatre, Liverpool

The end of Persuasion makes it clear that this is really just the beginning for the happy couple.

Theatre Review: Agatha Christie’s Love From A Stranger, Playhouse Theatre, Liverpool

I would definitely recommend this to everyone who is willing to give something new a go, and to get your brain thinking!

Theatre Review: The Little Matchgirl, Playhouse Theatre, Liverpool

This is a show of many tales that will leave you satisfied. The show has been carefully crafted to make us think of those not in our privileged position. Each character stands out with their own talents, but keep yourself primed for the Emperors arrival. The show instantly ignites during this tale.

Comedy Review: Mark Thomas – Showtime From The Frontline, Playhouse Theatre,...

Mark Thomas could well give light to a new breed and new race of satirical talents. Something this world needs, especially for those without a voice.