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Wrestling Review: WWE Super Showdown, June 7 2019

WWE rolled into Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on Friday night for its lavishly named Super Showdown. Clearly a big money-spinner for Mr McMahon, the company...

Wrestling Review: WWE Raw, June 3 2019

Overall, this week's episode of WWE Raw was an average to good show.

Wrestling Review: WWE WrestleMania 25

WWE WrestleMania 25 is an eclectic mix of the extremely good and extremely bad.

DVD Review: WWE Elimination Chamber 2019

On the whole, then, WWE Elimination Chamber 2019 isn't a bad show.

Wrestling Review: WWE SmackDown, April 2 2019

On the whole, this wasn't a great episode of SmackDown, but it did have its moments.

Wrestling Review: WWE WrestleMania 22

WWE WrestleMania 22 was a very enjoyable show, with a good mixture of everything that a wrestling fan would want to see at WrestleMania.

Wrestling Review: WWE SmackDown, March 19 2019

This week's episode of WWE SmackDown was largely based on one major thread: Kofi Kingston's journey to a once-unfathomable WWE Title opportunity against Daniel...

Wrestling Review: WWE SmackDown, March 12 2019

This episode of SmackDown was very productive.

Wrestling Review: WWE SmackDown, February 19 2019

SmackDown trumps Raw this week for the crowd alone, making everything seem more enjoyable as a result.

Wrestling Review: WWE SmackDown, February 12 2019

This was good stuff from the SmackDown crew, and not for the first time.