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Wrestling Review: WWF Superstars, November 21 1992

If you were planning on watching Survivor Series, you simply had to watch this episode of Superstars.

DVD Review: Randy Savage Unreleased: The Unseen Matches Of The Macho...

Is this a collection full of classic matches? Absolutely not. But is this a really enjoyable, suitably-nostalgic and overall thoroughly entertaining look through the vaults of one of the greatest wrestlers of all-time? Ooooh, yeah!

DVD Preview: Randy Savage Unreleased: The Unseen Matches Of The Macho...

Randy Savage Unreleased is the perfect introduction to one of the most important, endlessly charismatic figures in the history of sports-entertainment!

DVD Review: United We Slam: The Best Of The Great American...

If you're a longtime fan, you'll probably enjoy this DVD, and if nothing else, you'll get a chuckle from the random yet endearing comments made throughout by the late, great American Dream.

DVD Review: Macho Madness: The Randy Savage Ultimate Collection – WWE

It does have its flaws and some minor omissions but on the whole, WWE took the high road and provided Savage fans with a worthy retrospective for the legendary, one-of-a-kind Macho Man.

DVD Review: The Self-Destruction Of The Ultimate Warrior – WWE

Overall, this DVD is undoubtedly fun to watch, and is largely an honest account of how difficult Warrior could be. However, its rating drops due to WWE changing tack once Warrior "came home" and presented an alternative history of his career, with the negativity trimmed way down.

DVD Review: WWE Tagged Classics: WWF The Year In Review 1993...

If you were a fan at the time or if you're interested in learning about the WWF between the Hogan years and the Attitude Era, this DVD is a good option; otherwise, you may enjoy it, but there may be moments that make for a frustrating viewing experience.

DVD Review: WWE WrestleMania 31

Overall, this is an extremely fun and enjoyable wrestling DVD set. With a great WrestleMania and a memorable Hall Of Fame event, you can't really go wrong. It may have been slightly overrated at the time, but this year's WrestleMania weekend proves to be a series of shows that you simply must have in your collection.

DVD Review: Ricky Steamboat: The Life Story Of The Dragon –...

Ricky Steamboat fans will love this DVD, but so will longtime wrestling supporters in general, who will be treated to plenty of truly great wrestling matches involving one of the best in-ring performers in history.

DVD Review: The History Of The WWE Championship

The only snag in terms of buying this DVD is that you'll probably already own many of the matches featured here but, even if you do, I still highly recommend this DVD; to me, it is one of the top WWE DVDs ever.