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Wrestling Review: WWF Superstars, November 28 1992

Not a great edition of Superstars, but Bobby Heenan saved the day with some classic comments about the increasingly bizarre state of play in the WWF.

DVD Review: WWE From The Vault: Shawn Michaels

This is a superb twin-disc DVD, and this set the tone for many great collections of this nature in the future.

DVD Review: Living On A Razor’s Edge – The Scott Hall...

The lighter content on his run as Razor Ramon and his nWo contributions, as well as some high-quality action amongst the extra matches, further boosts the prestige of this set, which will be remembered as one of the best WWE releases all year.

DVD Review: The Kliq Rules – WWE

You do have to be interested in either mid-1990s WWF wrestling or you have to be interested in how wrestling works, because otherwise this DVD won't be for you.

DVD Review: WWE Tagged Classics: WWF The Year In Review 1995...

Like with the 1993-4 YIR twin-set, longtime fans and those wanting to learn more about WWF/WWE history should get a kick out of this two-disc DVD, but unlike the 1993-4 pack, the general quality is of a lower standard, making for a less satisfying viewing experience.

DVD Review: WWE Tagged Classics: WWF The Year In Review 1993...

If you were a fan at the time or if you're interested in learning about the WWF between the Hogan years and the Attitude Era, this DVD is a good option; otherwise, you may enjoy it, but there may be moments that make for a frustrating viewing experience.

DVD Review: The Best Of WWE At Madison Square Garden

This DVD does its job and offers most of WWE's finest moments at Madison Square Garden, with their historical significance and the comments from wrestlers past and present underlining why, even today, MSG remains the World's Most Famous Arena.

DVD Review: Shawn Michaels: Mr. WrestleMania – WWE

If you already own most WM events on DVD then this may be a tough sell, but for any other WWE fans, you should own this: it is a truly great wrestling compilation that pays tribute to the one and only Mr. WrestleMania, Shawn Michaels.