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Wrestling Review: WWE NXT, March 20 2019

This was a very unusual and unique episode of NXT. It was an episode of monumental proportions that thrust the main event scene of...

DVD Review: The Best Of NXT: TakeOver 2018 – WWE

The Best Of NXT: TakeOver 2018 is close to flawless; it almost couldn't be any better.

Theatre Review: The Full Monty, Empire Theatre, Liverpool

The Full Monty was the best show I have reviewed at the Empire for years. Don't miss it!

Wrestling Review: WWE SmackDown, March 19 2019

This week's episode of WWE SmackDown was largely based on one major thread: Kofi Kingston's journey to a once-unfathomable WWE Title opportunity against Daniel...

Wrestling Review: WWE Raw, March 18 2019

On the whole, this was a bit of an underwhelming edition of Raw, given the proximity to WrestleMania.

Theatre Review: Bing Live!, Epstein Theatre, Liverpool

Bing Live! was a fantastic experience, and a show that I would highly recommend for anyone who has young children.

Music Review: Nicki Minaj, Manchester Arena, Manchester

Diehard fans of Nicki Minaj were thoroughly satisfied at what they got to see; here's hoping that Minaj returns to Manchester again in the future.

Theatre Review: The Jersey Beats – Oh What A Nite!, Epstein...

Overall, The Jersey Beats was a fantastic night out, with the added bonus of Leye D Johns as the host with the most.

Wrestling Review: PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 85: Progro.Naut

Overall, Chapter 85 was a good show, which mainly served to put over the two heel factions in PROGRESS.

DVD Review: WWE Royal Rumble 2019

You should garner plenty of enjoyment from reliving WWE Royal Rumble 2019 on DVD.