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Theatre Review: Snow White, Empire Theatre, Liverpool

For those looking for some festive fun and a chance to pass the Christmas panto tradition down to a new generation of youngsters, Snow White at the Empire is a very good option.

Theatre Review: White Christmas, Empire Theatre, Liverpool

White Christmas is enjoyable for all ages, but especially the older generation who will remember singing along with Bing Crosby.

Theatre Review: The Full Monty, Empire Theatre, Liverpool

The Full Monty was a very entertaining show, with strong performances and high comedy (and an - ahem! - climax that will please the females).

Theatre Review: Keep Dancing, Empire Theatre, Liverpool

If you're a fan of Strictly Come Dancing, or of ballroom dancing in general, then you should love Keep Dancing at the Empire Theatre.

Theatre Review: The Rocky Horror Show, Empire Theatre, Liverpool

As an overall production, few evenings at the theatre are more entertaining than The Rocky Horror Show.

Theatre Review: Sister Act, Empire Theatre, Liverpool

Sister Act is a really entertaining, feel-good and fun slice of theatre, with an enjoyable story and strong all-round performances.

Theatre Review: Kiss Me, Kate WNO, Empire Theatre, Liverpool

Kiss Me, Kate is a very entertaining opera production that fans of the genre and of comedic situations in a theatre environment should enjoy.

Theatre Review: Blood Brothers, Empire Theatre, Liverpool

Blood Brothers is that rare treat: a perfect show which I give my very highest recommendation to. It's a blockbuster production.

Theatre Review: Chicago, Empire Theatre, Liverpool

Chicago is fun, unpredictable, exciting, entertaining, and one of the more memorable productions that you will see this year.

Theatre Review: Cats, Empire Theatre, Liverpool

Image Source: Zeal NYC Format: Musical Genre: Musical Date: July 11 2016 Location: Liverpool Empire Theatre One of the most famous musicals across the globe, Cats has made its...

Theatre Review: American Idiot, Empire Theatre, Liverpool

American Idiot at Liverpool's Empire Theatre is a good show for Green Day fans, but it's definitely not for everyone.

Theatre Review: That’s Entertainment, Empire Theatre, Liverpool

That's Entertainment lives up to its name by providing a very enjoyable show, and a fun look back at what was a great era for music.

Theatre Review: Save The Last Dance For Me, Empire Theatre, Liverpool

Save The Last Dance For Me is a nostalgic musical treat, one that I would definitely recommend that you go and see.

Theatre Review: Swan Lake, Empire Theatre, Liverpool

Simply put, if you're a fan of ballet, then you need to make sure that you see Swan Lake at the Empire Theatre.

Theatre Review: Footloose, Empire Theatre, Liverpool

I enjoyed Footloose, and the 18-30 crowd would get a kick out of it, but I wouldn't say that this is an essential show to go out and see.

Theatre Review: The Bodyguard, Empire Theatre, Liverpool

Definitely go and see The Bodyguard at Liverpool's Empire Theatre; it is one of the best shows that I have seen this year.

Theatre Review: Thriller Live, Empire Theatre, Liverpool

Thriller at Liverpool's Empire Theatre is a brilliant journey through the legacy of The King Of Pop that I would recommend to any fan.

Theatre Review: The Last Tango, Empire Theatre, Liverpool

The Last Tango at Liverpool's Empire Theatre is a very enjoyable show and one that I would recommend that you go and see.

Theatre Review: Guys And Dolls, Empire Theatre, Liverpool

I would recommend Guys and Dolls as an extravagant and enjoyably nostalgic hark back to more innocent times.

Theatre Review: Annie, Empire Theatre, Liverpool

Annie is a fun night at the theatre for all the family, particularly the youngsters in attendance who will have seen the 2014 film.

Theatre Review: The Glenn Miller Story, Empire Theatre, Liverpool

The Glenn Miller Story at Liverpool's Empire Theatre is a very entertaining night of musical theatre for an older generation.

Theatre Review: Avenue Q, Empire Theatre, Liverpool

You will undoubtedly have a fun time watching Avenue Q at Liverpool's Empire Theatre. Just don't bring the little kids along.

Theatre Review: Sleeping Beauty, Empire Theatre, Liverpool

Ballet fans will obviously have the most appreciation for Matthew Bourne's presentation of Sleeping Beauty,

Theatre Review: Priscilla: Queen Of The Desert, Empire Theatre, Liverpool

Priscilla: Queen Of The Desert was a fun show, though I wouldn't rank it as the best show that one could spend their money on.

Theatre Review: Last Night A DJ Saved My Life, Empire Theatre,...

Last Night A DJ Saved My Life; tomorrow night, or on another night, you should see this show, especially if you're aged 18-30.

Theatre Review: The Simon And Garfunkel Story, Empire Theatre, Liverpool

I felt that The Simon And Garfunkel Story was a brilliant look back at two of the most recognisable names in music.