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DVD Review: WWE TLC 2018

With several matches of a high standard, and only one true dud, WWE TLC 2018 is an enjoyable and underrated show.

Wrestling Review: WWE TLC 2018

If you’re a wrestling fan in any way, then WWE TLC 2018 had something for you.

DVD Review: WWE TLC 2011

With several enjoyable matches and a fair amount of unpredictability, TLC 2011 is well worth reliving on DVD (unless you’re a John Cena fan).

DVD Review: WWE TLC 2017

What happens when a one-match card suffers from outside factors forcing that bout to be cancelled? We found out at this year's TLC event, when the official reunion match of The Shield against a five-man army under Tables, Ladder and Chairs rules saw Roman Reigns removed for medical reasons with 48 hours' notice.

DVD Preview: WWE TLC 2017

The Superstars of Raw head into one of the most brutal, jaw-dropping events ever - Tables, Ladders & Chairs. Kurt Angle returns to the ring to team with The Shield, AJ Styles battles Finn Bálor, and Asuka makes her debut in this incredible night of action!

DVD Review: WWE TLC 2016

TLC 2016 rounded off the Pay-Per-View year on the SmackDown side, a year where the blue brand has completed a remarkable comeback from being an almost ignored show to WWE's most entertaining and logical weekly programme.

DVD Preview: WWE TLC 2016

With tables, ladders, and chairs surrounding the ring and the WWE World Championship suspended high above, AJ Styles heads into his first TLC match defending the title against "The Lunatic Fringe" Dean Ambrose.

DVD Review: WWE TLC 2012

TLC 2012 could end up being remembered as one of the most significant events of its kind in the years to come, as it featured a stunning debut for three men who could one day rule the roost, so to speak, in WWE. If that isn't a recommendation for the DVD of this show, I don't know what is.

DVD Review: WWE TLC 2013

Unlike recent TLC PPV events, the 2013 edition featured just one match containing the elements of tables, ladders and chairs. This helped to make the main event of the card stand out, but as an overall programme for the DVD, the show feels inferior to previous TLC PPVs, and in fact that does prove to be the case.

DVD Review: WWE TLC 2014

Whilst it's by no means a five-star event, TLC is one of the better shows held on Pay-Per-View in 2014, and so this DVD is a decent way to close out an unforgettable year in the wacky world of WWE.