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WWF Royal Rumble 2002 Review feat. Chris Jericho vs. The Rock

WWF Royal Rumble 2002 was very good. Flair vs. Vince is fun, Jericho vs. Rock is outstanding, and the Rumble match itself is memorable.

WWF SummerSlam 2001 Review feat. Booker T vs. The Rock

WWF SummerSlam 2001 is quite entertaining, though a notch below both the preceding 2000 and subsequent 2002 cards.

WWF Invasion 2001 Review feat. The WWF vs. The Alliance

Under different circumstances and with more genuine star power, WWF Invasion 2001 would be remembered as an all-time legendary show.

WWF Royal Rumble 2001 Review feat. Kurt Angle vs. Triple H

WWF Royal Rumble 2001 is one of the best Rumble PPV events of all time, fittingly in part due to a truly awesome 30-man Royal Rumble match.

WWF Fully Loaded 2000 Review feat. The Rock vs. Chris Benoit

So, yeah, WWF Fully Loaded 2000 was awesome! The triple main event was a huge success, and there are some under-card gems as well.

WWF Judgment Day 2000 Review feat. The Rock vs. Triple H

WWF Judgment Day 2000 was a terrific PPV event, not least for the Iron Man main event that featured The Undertaker's dramatic return.

WWF Backlash 2000 Review feat. Triple H vs. The Rock

WWF Backlash 2000 was one hell of an event and a great example of why people fondly reminisce about the Attitude Era all these years later.

WWF Royal Rumble 2000 Review feat. Triple H vs. Cactus Jack

WWF Royal Rumble 2000 was and remains an awesome card to watch between the Street Fight, the Tables match and the WWF debut of Tazz.

WWF SummerSlam 1999 Review feat. Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Triple...

WWF SummerSlam 1999 is your typical B-level Attitude Era PPV, but the big problem with this is that this was an A-level show.

WWF Fully Loaded 1999 Review feat. Stone Cold Steve Austin vs....

WWF Fully Loaded 1999 occurred when the WWF was at its peak of popularity. And it's an intriguing card to see from a historic standpoint.

WWF King Of The Ring 1999 Review feat. Stone Cold Steve...

Overall, WWF King Of The Ring 1999 was a lot of fun to relive between the wild main event and a decent WWF Title match between two legends.

WWF Royal Rumble 1999 Review feat. Mankind vs. The Rock

WWF Royal Rumble 1999 is memorable, but do we remember the I Quit match and the Rumble bout for good or bad reasons? Both, I would say.

WWF Fully Loaded: In Your House 1998 Review feat. Kane &...

If you enjoy the charisma and craziness of the Attitude Era, then WWF Fully Loaded 1998 is a very entertaining show.

WWF King Of The Ring 1998 Review feat. Stone Cold Steve...

You simply must watch WWF King Of The Ring 1998 to experience one of the most unforgettable matches in wrestling history.

WWF Royal Rumble 1998 Review feat. Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker

The first half of WWF Royal Rumble 1998 ranges from acceptable to frustrating, but the second half is well worth watching.

WWF SummerSlam 1997 Review feat. The Undertaker vs. Bret Hart

I strongly recommend that you watch WWF SummerSlam 1997, and in particular the Mankind-Hunter, Owen-Austin and Undertaker-Bret matches.

WWF In Your House: Canadian Stampede 1997 Review feat. The Hart...

It's worth checking out the whole WWF Canadian Stampede card, because it really is worthy of its status as an all-time great PPV show.

WWF Royal Rumble 1997 Review feat. Psycho Sid vs. Shawn Michaels

WWF Royal Rumble 1997 was a show of two halves, not unlike other Rumble shows. And the Alamodome setting also enhances this PPV event.

WWF Survivor Series 1996 Review feat. Shawn Michaels vs. Psycho Sid

WWF Survivor Series 1996 is both thoroughly enjoyable and very important from a historic perspective for the World Wrestling Federation.

WWF In Your House 11: Buried Alive Review feat. The Undertaker...

WWF In Your House 11: Buried Alive was a lot more fun than I remembered it originally being with there being several exciting battles.