YWNA Let’s Talk About Six Baby – Theatre Review

YNWA: Let’s Talk About Six Baby Details

Show: YNWA: Let’s Talk About Six Baby

Location: Royal Court, Liverpool

Date: Wednesday 3rd August 2022

Time: 20.00

Running Time: 120 Minutes (Including Interval)

Age Rating: 12+

Performers: Jake Abraham, Spencer Butts, Matt Connor, Lindzi Germain, Ben Galdwin, Adam Keast, Mark Moraghan, Lydia Morales-Scully, Daniel Ross, and Lenny Wood

Writer: Nicky Allt

Director: Howard Gray

YNWA: Let’s Talk About Six Baby is running from 29th June – 04th  September 2022

Growing my family and most friends supported one of two teams, Manchester United or Liverpool. So, i learned a lot of about the history of the club and always held a great respect for the club. It has then been a privilege to see now not one but two plays about the history of the club. Without further ado here is my review on YNWA: Let’s Talk About Six Baby at the Royal Court Liverpool.

Story of YNWA: Let’s Talk About Six Baby

The story of YNWA: Let’s Talk About Six Baby consists of a family uniting for a funeral. Whilst there they band together mainly because of the family’s love for the club and personal history supporting it. We are enlightened to a timeline of the club from inception to European champions to European champions again and again, and again, and again.  All whilst accompanying the flashbacks and the history lesson with amazingly performed songs.

Analysis of YNWA: Let’s Talk About Six Baby

The whole cast got so involved with the music and the acting, it really felt like everyone was equally adding to the allure of the show. My personal favorites of the band cast has to be the “man on loan from the Everyman” and the two drummers who routinely covered the drums for each other whilst the other one acted or sang on stage. The cast had a chemistry that rivals that of the cast of Horrible Histories. The performers all played off each other extremely well and all showed their skill last night. I will definitely be after seeing what these performers get up to next.

Summary of YNWA: Let’s Talk About Six Baby

The show in my opinion is as if Horrible Histories did an episode on Liverpool FC. The comedy, the singing, the music, the atmosphere was unmatched by any other play I have watched. (Sorry Tom you’re still a very close second). The cast was phenomenal, I was shellshocked to realize the actress playing Tia actually debuted in this performance. For a debut she smashed it out the park, her voice was one of a Scouse angel. The only thing I wish for them in the future is to extend the play. The is so much they didn’t go into, probably because it would make the play to long surely. I do think they selected the information to cover well however as most of the information was new to me, although I am not a Liverpool fan


The Atmosphere of YNWA: Let’s Talk About Six Baby

That being said the lovely couple of older ladies next to me were singing louder than any other person in the audience. To you two thank you, it was like having my own little back up singers in the seat next to me. I was so happy when I remembered a song or two my uncle “Ginner” would sing, so I wasn’t sat their stumbling clapping my hands and nodding letting down the ladies that eagerly wanted me to join in.

Overall Rating: 10 – Perfect!

YNWA: Let’s Talk About Six Baby is at the Royal Court, Liverpool from 29th June – 04th  September 2022 don’t  forget to get your tickets now!

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YNWA: Let’s Talk About Six Baby is running at the Royal Court until 04th  September 2022, purchase your tickets for the show here!

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