A Night With Daniel Taylor – His Music And Friends Review, Bombed Out Church, Liverpool

A Night With Daniel Taylor
Image Source: Ticket Quarter

This is our review of A Night With Daniel Taylor – His Music And Friends!

Description Of A Night With Daniel Taylor

So, this show provides a platform for Daniel Taylor to demonstrate his musical talents and range. As a longtime actor, musician, director, and theatre producer, Daniel is a firm favourite in Liverpool’s cultural scene. But here, it’s his vocal and guitar skills that come to the forefront with a night to remember.

However, Daniel isn’t alone. Joining him are the likes of Brian Nash, Shannon Peterson, Asa Murphy, and Grace Galloway. Each provides several tracks of their own as the stars shine above the open air of the Bombed Out Church. So, for a mix of musical fun and vintage hits, along with some surprises, this show has something for just about everyone.

Analysis Of A Night With Daniel Taylor

This was a very enjoyable show with a soft, touching tone. Daniel delivered a variety of songs from his album Sonny Days. These include Maybe Tomorrow, How I Love You, and an emotional track, Jordan Fly. The latter was a tribute to a young boy, Jordan, who was struck by lightning while playing football in Blackpool. Daniel also provided covers of famous tracks from over the years, including George Harrison’s Something. This particularly spotlighted Daniel’s highly informative and entertaining show that tells the story of Harrison’s life.

As noted, Daniel brought some of his friends with him. And their performances added to the prestige of the evening. Both Shannon and Grace delivered strong performances; in particular, Shannon overcame technical difficulties to sing Sunny in spectacular fashion. Asa Murphy, however, may have stolen the show with some absolutely fantastic renditions. Not least his tribute to the recently-passed Tony Bennett with a performance of I Left My Heart In San Francisco. A shoutout, too, to Brian Nash, who delivered emotive and powerful performances of his own.

Summary Of A Night With Daniel Taylor

This was a must-see performance for anyone who has a real passion for the art of music. Indeed, every single performer delivered on the night, and some renditions have to be heard to be believed. Furthermore, the gentle tone of the night made for a relaxing experience for the audience. So, if you truly appreciate songwriting and local music as a whole, make sure to check out this show.

Overall Rating: 9/10 – Outstanding