Aladdin Review – St Helens Theatre Royal, St Helens

Aladdin St Helens
Image Source: David Munn Photography

This is our review of Aladdin at St Helens Theatre Royal!

Synopsis Of Aladdin

The St Helens Theatre Royal brings Christmas magic with Regal Entertainment’s pantomime Aladdin! Our hero faces many challenges – from winning the heart of Princess Jasmine to battling the evil Abanazer. However, with the help of a genie, a magic carpet, and a comedic brother, Aladdin strives for good to overcome all.

Starring Jess Smith as Princess Jasmine, Alex Aram as Aladdin, Lewis Devine as Wishee Washee, Tim Lucas as the Genie of the Lamp, Richard Aucott as Widow Twanky, Warren Donnelly as PC Shameless, Liam Fox as Abanazar, and Leanne Campbell as the Genie of the Mirror. The show runs from 2 December 2023 to 14 January 2024.

Analysis Of Aladdin

Once again, Regal Entertainment has smashed it out of the park with a fantastically entertaining pantomime! At press night, audience members were captivated throughout, from side-splitting comedy to a new, magical 3D experience! The stars of the show are undoubtedly Tim Lucas as the Genie and Lewis Devine as Wishee Washee. Both Tim and Lewis are at home on stage and their chemistry with each other and the audience is undeniable.

I found myself doubled over in laughter on many different occasions during the show. And that’s purely down to Tim and Lewis’ perfectly timed comedy. Though other characters had “call and response” moments with the audience, Tim’s dance and Lewis’ “When I say Wishee, you say Washee” was received incredibly well. This panto has been positively received due to the incredible performances of these two wonderful actors.


I did wonder about the pre-recording of the show’s biggest tunes. This meant that the main performers were miming to backing tracks rather than singing along. At first, this confused me but the difference was undeniable. There was a lot of dancing involved in these tracks. So I assume this is so that actors don’t run out of breath while dancing and singing. However, you could see the hesitation in their faces as they mimed rather than naturally singing the song. This wasn’t necessarily a negative of the show. But with the rest of the performance showcasing incredible quality, the smaller things are more apparent.

I also cannot discuss this show without mentioning the new addition of 3D video. I was dubious about the quality of this technology until the video began, showing Aladdin travelling across various locations on the flying carpet. The show thoroughly entertained the children in the audience. And many adults were also yelping when images in the video rushed towards them. It was a wonderful addition to the show and proves that a strong supporting community can help productions improve and thrive moving forward.

Summary Of Aladdin

In closing, I cannot speak highly enough of this production. The cast and crew have gone above and beyond with this year’s Christmas pantomime. And I expect things will only continue to improve in the coming months and years. If you don’t do anything else this Christmas, get yourself to St Helens Theatre Royal for Aladdin. And make sure to see this hilariously entertaining production before it closes!

Overall Rating: 10/10 – Perfect