An Evening With Nana Funk Review – Bombed Out Church, Liverpool

Nana Funk
Image Source: Everyman-Playhouse Theatre

This is our review for An Evening With Nana Funk at Liverpool‘s Bombed Out Church. So, let’s take a look at An Evening With Nana Funk!

Description Of An Evening With Nana Funk

So, Nana Funk serves as the host for an evening of musical frolics and fun. We get to hear Nana sing original songs as well as reworded versions of classic hits. And each ties in with her status as an elder stateswoman, though it’s always with a lighthearted approach. In between, Nana also answers questions submitted from the audience, again with her answers coming in song.

Along the way, Nana also tells us about life experiences ranging from problematic exes to problem-causing aches. Yet she always keeps a smile on her face, and this keeps the audience in good spirits too. The same doesn’t quite apply to her assistant Val, who is hilariously deadpan and almost miserable from start to finish. Yet she also demonstrates her talents as a musician, particularly on piano but also with various other instruments.

Analysis Of An Evening With Nana Funk

This may be my favourite show of the entire week at Little LTF 2022. That’s because Angie Waller is fabulous in the role of Nana Funk. I want to be careful about giving away too much of the act because the element of surprise is crucial here. But I will say that she is a tremendous ad-libber and able to think quickly on her feet. Plus, her original songs are very amusing, while her variations on older tracks are very clever indeed. Furthermore, she has an awesome vocal range, meaning that the singing alone is of a high standard. That’s before you get into how hilarious the character is.

To me, the best aspect of her act is Nana’s self-awareness. She’s not a curmudgeonly old woman, nor is she a vulnerable figure seeking attention. Instead, she’s strong-willed and positive and unafraid to speak her mind, often sneaking in quick one-liners to garner more laughs. I must also give another mention to Valerie because she’s incredibly funny in her own right. She doesn’t say much, yet her gloomy outlook is the ideal contrast to Funk’s high-energy persona. And the scene where Valerie struggles to perform numerous instruments is a highlight of a show packed with standout moments.

Summary Of An Evening With Nana Funk

This is the sort of show that I would go and see over and over again. I can’t wait to see it again in the future, and hopefully sooner rather than later. Furthermore, it’s a show that I will recommend to family and friends alike. Simply put, this was a thoroughly entertaining hour of musical comedy, and arguably the gem of Little LTF 2022.

Overall Rating: 10/10 – Perfect