An Inspector Calls Review – Empire Theatre, Liverpool

An Inspector Calls 2023
Image Source: Tristram Kenton

This is our review of An Inspector Calls at Liverpool‘s Empire Theatre!

Synopsis Of An Inspector Calls

The multi-award-winning National Theatre production of An Inspector Calls returns to the Liverpool Empire. This production of JB Priestley’s classic thriller explores the drama that ensues upon the expected arrival of Inspector Goole at the Birling family home. His investigations of a young woman’s death interrupt the family’s peaceful dinner party with revelations that shake the foundations of their lives.

Produced by PW Productions with a stellar cast, including Liam Brennan as Inspector Goole, Christine Kavanagh as Mrs. Birling, Jeffrey Harmer as Mr. Birling, Simon Cotton as Gerald Croft, Chloe Orrock as Sheila Birling, George Rowlands as Eric Birling and Frances Campbell as Edna. Directed by world-renowned theatre and film director Stephen Daldry.

Analysis Of An Inspector Calls

With a sold-out opening night, expectations were high for the National Theatre’s An Inspector Calls. Thankfully, the performance went as well as expected, with some wonderful surprises to boot.
The staging was nothing short of astounding, showcasing a moveable rendition of the Birling household. We could see the family enjoying their get-together from outside and within the dining room walls, allowing the audience to see a different angle of the play. Throughout the show, the performers moved across the stage and moved the staging to fit with their intended purpose. This included moving a stairwell in the middle of the stage so actors could move between the dining room and the rest of the house with ease.

Additionally, the breakdown of the dining room near the latter half of the production was a wonderfully moving addition. The entire staging lifted and moved forward, metaphorically showing the breakdown of the Birling family following the revelations brought about by the appearance of Inspector Goole. With added lighting and sound effects to set the tone, the entire piece was encaptivating and had audiences enthralled throughout.


The performance given by each actor was wonderful to witness. From heart-wrenching confessions to passionate arguments, each line was given with conflicting emotions. This is told from the interaction between Mr. Birling and Eric Birling as the interrogation from Mr. Goole comes to a close. Within this scene, we see the relationship between father and son pushed to its limits and the conflicting feelings of the others within the room. Audiences watch with bated breath as the pair test each other with physical and verbal punches. This moment fully encapsulated the feeling of the play, showcasing high-strung emotions surrounded by confusion, grief, and startling clarity.

Summary Of An Inspector Calls

In all, this production of An Inspector Calls is a must-see for any avid theatregoer. Whether you are fully versed in the works of JB Priestley or have just started taking the script apart in your school studies, this performance is a delight to witness. From the expertise of the performers on stage to the captivating staging, this is a high recommendation for drama and murder mystery fans everywhere.

Overall Rating: 9/10 – Outstanding