Anything Goes Review – Empire Theatre, Liverpool

Anything Goes
Image Source: BBC

This is our review for Anything Goes at Liverpool‘s Empire Theatre. So, let’s take a look at Anything Goes!

Description Of Anything Goes

This sensational old-school musical shimmers, sparkles, glitters and dazzles in Liverpool for a limited two-week season. There are comedic capers aplenty amidst the SS America from New York to London. Not least due to a recent romantic fling overshadowing a parallel upcoming marriage. There’s also a desire for celebrities and a chase for criminals amidst an unforgettable transatlantic cruise. Furthermore, the cast includes Kerry Ellis, Denis Lawson, Simon Callow, Bonnie Langford and many more. Finally, there’s a 50-strong line-up and there’s everything from outlandish singers to tap-dancing sailors and a full orchestra. It’s an uplifting show that has a heartwarming love story, comical farce and incredible dance.

Analysis Of Anything Goes

The show’s name may be Anything Goes, but to me, I prefer to call it Everything’s Great! That’s because this is an absolutely spectacular production from the first minute to the very last. I have to start with the stage because the cruise ship setting is breathtaking. Short of dragging an actual ship into the Empire, this alone ensured that I won’t forget this performance. The continuous use of various cabin doors, and the ever-changing cabin lights during songs, were clever techniques. Then add to that the sky changing colour behind and the projecting effects of the Atlantic Ocean waves. All of this was sensational, and these elements alone could have made this show a must-see.

But then you get the outstanding musical numbers, with spellbinding vocal high notes and attention-grabbing dance routines. One can only imagine how much time goes into ensuring that a show of this calibre fires on all cylinders. But all of that time is worthwhile for the mixture of silent awe during numbers and rapturous applause upon their conclusion. I haven’t even gotten into the frequent and sometimes hilarious comedic moments, ranging from snappy one-liners to rib-tickling visuals. And with such a talented and experienced cast, this show reaches that high level that few productions do. And all for a story that is easy to follow with amusing twists and a very satisfying conclusion.

Summary Of Anything Goes

This is a show that you simply have to see if you love theatre. In some ways, it’s a trip down memory lane as we celebrate a much calmer world in the 1930s. But it’s also a reminder of what theatre does better than any other form of entertainment. And that’s to mesmerise an audience by offering an experience unique for the evening that they remember for a lifetime. So, whether you come for the set, the songs, the dances or the story, you need to watch this show. Untouchable.

Overall Rating: 10/10 – Perfect