Bingo Star Review – Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool

Bingo Star
Image Source: The Reviews Hub

This is our review of Bingo Star at Liverpool‘s Royal Court Theatre!

Description Of Bingo Star

We come to an aging bingo hall, the oldest in the country. We meet the owner Arthur, as well as other characters such as Keyboard Keith, who by all accounts lives there! So, Arthur tells the story about the bingo hall while considering the problems facing his longtime business residency. Namely, that a major bank loan requires payment, or else he could lose the bingo hall altogether.

It seems that help is at hand with the arrival of a local councillor who advises Arthur not to worry. However, he takes a fancy for Arthur’s daughter Leslie, which could invite problems of its own. Keith, meanwhile, suggests that “there’s money in spam”, and suggests that its work in serving as a community foodbank could rescue its fortunes. But for Arthur, there’s too much to ponder. Can he find the money to pay the loan, or will the bulldozers head towards his “house”? And how could the budding relationship involving his own daughter change things?

Analysis Of Bingo Star

This is an interesting take on a familiar tale of a business on its knees looking for a rescue plan. Bingo is one of the unsung traditions of this country, and so it’s nice for bingo to get the spotlight here. The story has a few twists and turns, as well as the occasional celebrity cameo (I won’t spoil the surprises here). And there are plenty of local jokes on hand, as is always the case for the Royal Court.

But the most unique element of this show comes from the integration of actual live bingo games. Yes, the audience gets to play genuine bingo games in between key scenes. I felt that this was a great addition because it effectively makes the tickets for this show two-for-one. You get to watch a show and play bingo at the same time; not many theatre shows can say that. Oh, and there are worthy prizes as well, so don’t be surprised if you don’t leave the theatre empty-handed after winning!

Summary Of Bingo Star

This is a little different from the typical Royal Court show, but it’s still worthy of your attention. With a relatable plot, some amusing developments, and actual live bingo, this show is definitely worth checking out. Just make sure to bring your dabbers!

Overall Rating: 8/10 – Very Good