Bootleg Blondie Review – Floral Pavilion, New Brighton

bootleg blondie
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Show: Bootleg Blondie

Location: Flora Pavilion Theatre, Blue Lounge. New Brighton

Date: Thursday December 9 2021

Time: 20.00


BOOTLEG BLONDIE is the world’s No.1 official Debbie Harry & Blondie tribute band.  Established in 2001 this band is the only Blondie tribute to play the legendary CBGB in New York City and have had the honour to be thanked on Blondie’s 11th album ‘Pollinator’. In 2019, to celebrate 40 years since the release of Blondie’s iconic album Parallel Lines, Bootleg Blondie played two UK tours with Blondie’s legendary drummer Clem Burke, under the band name CBBB (Clem Burke & Bootleg Blondie).

Led by Debbie Harris on vocals and Andy Harris on lead guitar, the band rocked the Blue Lounge of the Floral Pavilion.  Joined by two better than average musicians, bass and drums we opened with a recorded message intro by Debbie Harry herself.


The gig kicked off with the introduction to Heart of Glass and Debbie Harris took to the stage wearing the iconic dress complete with chiffon scarf. The room did a double take!  Dreaming followed, then 11.59 before we had time to take a breath.

This band exudes energy with Debbie Harris demonstrating the look, and feel  and mannerisms of Harry.  The famous dance moves capture her personality – cool and disinterested but with the audience totally on board.

This is no ordinary set, the show includes playing a back catalogue of over forty years worth if hits including punk, new wave, disco, pop, rap and reggae genres!

Listen, this no ordinary set, the show involves playing a back catalogue of forty years of hits, including punk, new wave, disco, pop rap and reggae genres!  A truly authentic sound of the Blondie era.

The first half continued with Rapture, a costume change, the Tide is High, Island of Lost Souls, Union City Blues (Debbie played guitar her pride & joy, which she plays at every show, signed by all the Blondie band members).

Atomic followed, French Kissing in the USA (with incredible drums), Rip her to Shreds and Hanging on the Telephone. (Complete with red telephone).

Andy Harris on guitar put on a stunning performance. 

Act Two

The second half In the Flesh, One Way or Another the Picture This – change to another memorable Harry outfit – the yellow dress. The crowd got up and danced to Sunday Girl and Denis, and kept on dancing.  We had a bit of classic 70s music, Heroes and Get it On then an encore of Heart of Glass.

Debbie Harris has been featured in the Mail On Sunday Magazine and performed on two tv shows for BBC1 when she was picked out of 15,000 applicants to represent Debbie Harry on ‘Even Better Than The Real Thing’ hosted by Paddy McGuinness which attracted an audience of 10 million viewers.


Sound and lighting throughout was great, lots of audience participation and an enjoyable evening for not only die hard Blondie fans but anyone who enjoys seeing a really talented band and listening to truly good music.

The Band were off to Carlisle next stop and have a very busy schedule in 2022.  (Fingers crossed that Covid doesn’t scupper any plans!)

Overall Rating: 9/10 Excellent