Bow & Arrow: The Ghosts Of Sherwood Review – Epstein Theatre, Liverpool

Bow & Arrow The Ghosts Of Sherwood
Image Source: Epstein Theatre

This is our review of Bow & Arrow: The Ghosts Of Sherwood at Liverpool‘s Epstein Theatre. So, let’s take a look at Bow & Arrow: The Ghosts Of Sherwood!

Description Of Bow & Arrow: The Ghosts Of Sherwood

Sherwood Forest is most famously the home of Robin Hood and his Maid Marian. Here, though, the focus is squarely on Bow and Arrow, who serve as ghost hunters. Indeed, Sherwood Forest is a haunted location, and despite their jobs, Bow and Arrow hesitate at wandering through the forest. There is a greater purpose, albeit one that they’re unaware of: it’s a trap! Because it turns out that Bow and Arrow are behind on their taxes. This means that, by entering Sherwood Forest, our heroes could find themselves at the mercy of Robin and Marian.

It isn’t just about the financial predicament, though. There’s also the desire for control and power. Sheriff Maxwell seems like the initial beneficiary, but we also meet King Lincoln and Princess Elle, his 19-year-old niece. They, along with Gob and Friar Tuck are amongst those observing and occasionally creating the chaos. So, the questions to ask are: will Bow and Arrow reach safety? Will Sheriff Maxwell receive the unpaid tax amounts? And who will ultimately rule over the forest when all is said and done?

Analysis Of Bow & Arrow: The Ghosts Of Sherwood

The company behind this show, City Theatre, are slowly growing in recognition. An example comes from this very show, as the team makes their first appearance at the Epstein Theatre. And I felt that all involved were more than comfortable in the larger Epstein setting. Not least due to an audience that was cheering them on, not to mention laughing along too. A big source of the laughs comes from the strong sexual content, which the promotion definitely emphasised beforehand! Indeed, every character plays a role in transforming the reputation of Sherwood Forest into something rather more mature. You may never look at a bow and arrow quite the same way again!

In an unforeseen occurrence, we had a fire alarm during the evening, though thankfully it was during the intermission. Fortunately, though, the cast didn’t allow this moment to significantly impact proceedings, and they carried through with the second half. What’s more, their reward was a large ovation at the conclusion of the performance. In fact, the young cast will benefit from the unexpected interruption as a way of handling a more pressurised situation. Otherwise, we had some rather eye-catching (and revealing) costumes plus plenty of risque one-liners. As for props … just be careful what you get hold of if you find such a prop anywhere! One recommendation I would make is for music to play during scene transition, especially as this would segue into other musical numbers easier.

Summary Of Bow & Arrow: The Ghosts Of Sherwood

For a growing team holding its most important show to date, this was a strong effort by all. I did appreciate callbacks to previous productions, and no doubt the events here will be referenced in future performances too. City Theatre will soon announce its next show. But if Bow & Arrow: The Ghosts Of Sherwood returns, it’s certainly worth a look. Just remember that when they say it’s an 18+ show, they mean it!


Cast: Rebekah Jayne Moreland, Johnny Sedgwick-Davies, Shaun Herr, Alex Rochford, Graham Lyne & Sean Campbell
Target Audience: 18+
Content: Frequent Strong Language & Frequent Strong Sex References
Recommendation?: Yes

Overall Rating: 8/10 – Very Good