Bugsy Malone Review – Empire Theatre, Liverpool

Bugsy Malone
Image Source: Wirral Globe

This is our review of Bugsy Malone at Liverpool‘s Empire Theatre!

Synopsis Of Bugsy Malone

So it’s the era of prohibition in New York City. And it’s a city containing mobs, showgirls, and dreamers. There are two key rival bosses of the gangs: Fat Sam and Dandy Dan. Furthermore, they’re head-to-head. There are more custard pies flying than ever thanks to Dandy Dan having the all-new splurge gun. And as a result, Fat Sam and his crew are in panic mode.

But now enter Bugsy Malone. He’s a former boxer who is a pretty swell guy, but he really needs the money. And he just wants to enjoy quality time with his new romantic interest Blousey. Yet there’s also the temptation from the seductive singer Tallulah. Not to mention the gang warfare escalating around him. Can he enjoy his life, or will his close ties with Fat Sam have a major impact? And how could Sam benefit from Bugsy’s assistance in his conflict against Dan?

Analysis Of Bugsy Malone

This is a fun and light-hearted show that encapsulates what makes the original movie so enjoyable. The cast is largely children as per the film, and they step up to the plate with top-notch performances. This is especially true in the singing department with some truly amazing vocal renditions during the show. Not to mention a good helping of comedy capers and daft visuals.

Indeed, it’s a show to not dwell on or put an emotional attachment towards. Instead, it’s the sort of show where you simply sit back, relax and enjoy the carnage unfolding. I must mention that the scenery is excellent, with some brilliantly-crafted backdrops. Not forgetting the inclusion of all your most recognisable tunes that elevate the show even further.

Summary Of Bugsy Malone

In closing, I would definitely recommend this show as an enjoyable and at times hilarious production. It’s one for all the family, though older attendees should get a kick out of reminiscing about the movie. And it’s also a tightly-packed show at two hours in duration. So, make sure to check this show, but try to dodge the custard pies!

Overall Rating: 9/10 – Outstanding