Calendar Girls Review – Empire Theatre, Liverpool

Calendar Girls 2023

This is our review of Calendar Girls at Liverpool‘s Empire Theatre!

Description Of Calendar Girls

The Calendar Girls return with more laughs, joy, and music – oh, and larger iced buns! The show combines a cast of music, stage, and television stars. So, we learn about the death of a much-loved husband. Subsequently, several ordinary women in a Yorkshire Women’s Institute decided to take a chance. And that chance is to create a nude calendar as a fundraising activity.

This show stars Tanya Franks, Maureen Nolan, Lyn Paul, Amy Robbins, Paula Tappenden, Marti Webb, and Honeysuckle Weeks. Together, they reverse preconceptions within their community. But can they handle both the emotional and personal impact of their charity stunt? Furthermore, the show continues to raise money for Blood Cancer UK, having already raised millions previously.

Analysis Of Calendar Girls

You could say this is a feel-good play. That’s because the songs and storyline are popular and familiar. But there’s also the underlying sadness of death caused by cancer. I’m sure many of the audience could resonate with this based on their reactions throughout the show. The production itself is strong, but lacks the big musical numbers that make you go “WOW!”. A feeling that keeps you engrossed whether it is your first time or tenth time of seeing the show.

Elsewhere, there seems to be a loyal fanbase who arrive with sunflowers in hand. And the performers received a standing ovation at the end. However, the staging lacked professionalism with props falling off at key points. This included the sunflowers on jackets at the end, most notably. However, the show improved as it went on. The first half was slow, though, with some fluffed lines, and the singing felt just within the performers’ capabilities.

Summary Of Calendar Girls

This was a fairly average show overall. It was an enjoyable performance, but not one I’d rush back to see. Nor would I have felt I’d have missed out on seeing something spectacular if I hadn’t attended.

Overall Rating: 6/10 – Reasonable