Come From Away Review – Empire Theatre, Liverpool

Come From Away
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This is our review of Come From Away at Liverpool‘s Empire Theatre!

Synopsis Of Come From Away

There are so many stories about the date of September 11 2001 and the immediate aftermath. Oftentimes, these focus on the reality of the situation in New York and across the entire United States. But what about those whose lives changed forever because of 9/11 in a more unorthodox manner? That’s what this show covers, as we learn of the true story behind 7,000 air passengers. These travellers had their flights diverted to Canada, specifically to a small community called Newfoundland.

The flyers, who had initially intended to go somewhere entirely different, consider it both an adventure and culture shock upon landing. Meanwhile, Newfoundland’s regular residents struggle to cope with the mass influx but open their hearts and homes admirably. Amidst the shock and sadness of 9/11, the tragedy caused a necessary, though temporary, lifestyle change for all involved. And this show demonstrates just how much those unforgettable five days from 9/11 onwards impacted everyone. For some people, it was an amazing, if short-lived, thrill ride. But for others, the experience is life-changing, and not entirely for positive reasons.

Analysis Of Come From Away

This relatively new musical is already highly acclaimed and enormously successful. And it’s no wonder: over a short running time (100 minutes without an interval), this show is incredible. It moves at a breathless pace while also keeping the audience fully informed on character and situation developments. The performances by virtually everybody involved are awesome, making it very hard to single out just one. Meanwhile, the personal struggles are very relatable to those who experienced 9/11 in real-time. This ranges from the worried mother of a firefighter to the increasingly impatient pilot while planes remain grounded. And there’s the Egyptian chef of Muslim descent, who experiences fear and hatred through no fault of his own.

The show also did an excellent job of managing to insert plenty of humour into a frankly horrific situation. The characters who were slowly losing their minds, those who kept smiling, and others who let their hair down. It was a great reminder that sometimes, you have to laugh and grin through the toughest times. It acts as a very effective coping mechanism for people. But of course, the emotion is fully on display, not least when the reality of 9/11 sets in for the travellers. Furthermore, the frantic nature of the production matches the quickfire, 100 miles an hour response in real life.

Summary Of Come From Away

It’s misleading to call this a show about 9/11 because it’s not a historical piece on that tragedy. However, this show is terrific in capturing the mood in the aftermath of the moment. And it emphasises how everybody was affected in different ways, and how everybody coming together proved the best response. Make sure to see this show during its run in Liverpool; it’s an impeccable and memorable show.

Overall Rating: 10/10 – Perfect