Come Together – The Lennon And McCartney Songbook Review – Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool

Come Together
Image Source: Jason Roberts

This is our review of Come Together – The Lennon And McCartney Songbook at Liverpool‘s Royal Court Theatre!

Description Of Come Together

This show tells the story of John Lennon and Paul McCartney through their music. Not a Beatles tribute show per se, though Tom Connor and Mark Newnham bring Lennon and McCartney to life visually. We hear stories from the early days, through to the glory days, through to the final days. The show takes us from the Cavern in Liverpool to Hamburg to the United States and beyond.

Along that journey, we revisit the back catalogue of two of music’s most iconic performers and song-writers. So, we hear Love Me Do, All My Loving, Strawberry Fields, and many more. It becomes clear that both John and Paul love singing and song-writing, but the messages behind those tunes gradually evolve. And eventually, this becomes representative of the split that would dissolve The Beatles for good.

Analysis Of Come Together

This is a very enjoyable spotlight on two of Liverpool’s favourite sons. To begin with, Tom Connor and Mark Newnham absolutely thrive in their roles as John and Paul. So much so that I heard one looker exclaim that it was like watching The Beatles themselves. Compliments don’t come much better than that! Next, there was a healthy, relaxed vibe to the evening, allowing people to sit back and relax. The lads do discuss some challenging moments, but these are handled gently and with dignity. It’s also refreshing to see a show centering on Lennon and McCartney without it becoming a typical Beatles tribute act.

But don’t get the wrong impression. If you come together (see what I did there?) to see this show, you’re in for a treat. We hear all the vintage Beatles hits, ranging from the Quarrymen era right through to the Abbey Road recordings. They also range in the experience and emotion, with Yesterday offering a contrast to the Magical Mystery Tour, for example. I particularly appreciated Connor and Newsnham performing I Wanna Hold Your Hand in multiple languages; that was definitely memorable! Also, a special mention to the superb band, consisting of Ben Gladwin, Greg Joy, Adam Keast, and Mike Woodvine.

Summary Of Come Together

The best way that I would describe this show is: pleasant. Shows like this achieve the healthy balance of offering an exciting, informative, and relaxing evening. This is particularly insightful for tourists or music-lovers from other cities who want to learn more about Lennon and McCartney. However, locals will get a real buzz out of reliving the days when Beatlemania was running wild. Make sure to Come Together (right now) and see this show at Liverpool’s Royal Court Theatre!

Overall Rating: 8.5/10 – Excellent