Dead Good Announcement – Unity Theatre, Liverpool

Dead Good
Image Source: Vamos Theatre

Show: Dead Good
Location: Unity Theatre, Liverpool
Date: Thursday March 3 2022
Time: 19.30
Running Time: 70 Minutes
Age Rating: 12+
Performers: Cast Members TBC
Production Company: Vamos Theatre

We welcome the announcement of Dead Good coming to Liverpool‘s Unity Theatre. So, this show comes to Liverpool on Thursday March 3 2022. And tickets are now available for this unusual show. Now, this will be a memorable theatre show at the Unity Theatre. So, let’s take a look at Dead Good!

Dead Good


Bob and Bernard don’t share many traits. But they have a chance meeting at a weekly hospice group. And they realise that they do share one ambition; that being, to seriously live before they die. So, they gather a bottle of Bollinger as well as the keys to Bernard’s Bentley. And they hit the road to take on one last death-defying adventure together.

This is a humorous and emotional theatre show that celebrates friendship. Furthermore, it emphasises how we should try to live every single day to the full. With comedy and pathos, it’s a striking performance, and all without any words whatsoever.


This show comes courtesy of Vamos Theatre.


A talented cast is awaiting further announcements. But when the full list of performers is available, we will let you know!


The Unity Theatre is an intimate and quirky venue. Indeed, it has a special place on Liverpool’s theatre scene. And this reflects in its offering of exciting, thought-provoking and unorthodox shows. Furthermore, the stage is extremely close to the audience, meaning that attendees often have close eye contact with the stars. And that can make for some interesting experiences, as well as allowing crowds to immerse themselves fully into the experience. So, if you’re looking for something fresh and different, we recommend that you stop by at Unity Theatre.


Thursday March 3 2022: Unity Theatre, Liverpool

Future dates and locations are awaiting confirmation.

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Dead Good comes to Unity Theatre on Thursday March 3 2022. And you can buy tickets right now.

Vamos Theatre also has an exclusive website for you to check out.

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