Edward Scissorhands Review – Empire Theatre, Liverpool

Edward Scissorhands 2024
Image Source: ATG

This is our review of Matthew Bourne‘s Edward Scissorhands at Liverpool‘s Empire Theatre!

Synopsis of Edward Scissorhands

Now, Matthew Bourne’s wonderful dance production of Edward Scissorhands is world-famous. The show captured audience hearts and minds dating back to its debut in 2005. And it’s no wonder; the show combines music and emotion, ballet and comedy, fear and charm. This show has influence from the vintage Tim Burton movie. Furthermore, it includes haunting yet beautiful music from Danny Elfman and Terry Davies.

So, Bourne and his New Adventures Company tell a humorous yet sad story of a boy who doesn’t quite fit in. Edward is a gentle and different boy, but he’s all alone in a crazy new world. And Edward lives in a castle high up on a hill. But a wacky inventor created Edward. And so when the creation dies, Edward is all alone. He isn’t even finished, and he has scissors for hands! But from there, a kind local lady invites Edward to live with her family. The neighbours have trouble accepting him, but when they realise his great talents, they welcome him with open arms. And that’s where the fun truly begins.

Analysis of Edward Scissorhands

There was a buzz in the air ahead of this show, and the Empire Theatre was packed to the rafters. Matthew Bourne is an outstanding storyteller with many incredible works to his name. Here, he managed to take Tim Burton’s unusual yet endearing story and cleverly retold it in ballet. Right from the opening scene, with the gentle snowfall surrounding the old lady, this was something special.

As one would expect, the dancing and dancers were amazing, and the music was brilliant. There were exquisite costumes aplenty, especially the privet hedges. The set design was wonderful and made great use of the Empire’s very large stage.

Summary of Edward Scissorhands

In these times, it’s refreshing to watch a show that emphasises the need to welcome one and all. Indeed, this is a love story of our time about diversity and inclusion. I would highly recommend it whether you’re familiar with ballet, the original movie, or both.

Overall Rating: 9/10 – Outstanding