​Fred The Musical Review – Bombed Out Church, Liverpool

Fred The Musical
Image Source: Visit Liverpool

This is our review of Fred The Musical!

Synopsis Of Fred The Musical

So, this is a show within a show, as we hear the story of Fred The Fire-Sneezing Dragon. Now, Fred is a loveable and kind creature with a good heart, and he’s as friendly as they come. However, whenever he sneezes (which is often), he, unfortunately, shoots fire out of his nose. And as you may imagine, that’s not ideal!
Especially in school, where the kids pick on him for the way that he sneezes. Fortunately, though, one of the students is able to look past this and appreciate Fred for his good qualities. This puts a smile on Fred’s face, but the fire sneezing remains a real issue. Maybe, though, Fred might find a way to use this apparent problem in a positive manner?

Analysis Of Fred The Musical

It’s a feel-good production with a positive message. That message is one of accepting people who are in some way different and/or unique. As the show informs, wouldn’t the world be a boring place if everyone was exactly the same? And the final scenes wrap things up in a touching manner. Furthermore, there are numerous catchy songs and plenty of audience participation for the kids in attendance.

This particular performance also had to deal with the challenges of the weather; namely, very heavy rain. This in some way impacted the atmosphere, but certainly not the contributions of the cast. Indeed, they stepped up in a difficult environment (keep in mind this was an open-air show). And therefore their efforts are even more appreciated.

Summary Of Fred The Musical

With an easy-to-follow story, some fun songs and dances, and a short running time (40 minutes), this is an ideal show for children to attend. Not to mention the colourful props that bring Fred to life. So, make sure to see this show when you get an opportunity (though ideally on a sunny day!).

Overall Rating: 8/10 – Very Good