Grandmother Review – Bombed Out Church, Liverpool

Image Source: Liverpool Theatre Festival

Show: Grandmother

Location: Bombed Out Church (Liverpool Theatre Festival)

Date: Wednesday, 4th May 2022

Time: 20.00

Running Time: 90 Minutes

Age Rating: 10+

This is our review of Grandmother at Liverpool‘s Bombed Out Church. Now, this is the second show of Little LTF 2022, the new works element of Liverpool Theatre Festival. So, let’s take a look at Grandmother!


We ventured out on a chilly night to watch Grandmother, a play with music by Asa Murphy. The play features in the Liverpool Theatre Festival held in the Bombed Out Church. Furthermore, there was a good attendance and a great atmosphere. Indeed, I think most of the audience seemed to know each other! The stage and seating area is covered which will come in very handy considering our usual British ‘summer’ weather conditions. I was shown to my seat quickly taking advantage of the QR ordering system using my mobile. My coffee and snacks were delivered quickly.

Background Of Grandmother

Grandmother is a really heart-warming musical play all about a new Grandmother played by Pauline Donovan who is really happy and excited to find that her daughter Becky, played by Clare Alexandra Campbell is pregnant. Both Mum and Daughter have high hopes for the new baby. Mum has more than a few ideas for names. Not to mention what needs doing, and how Becky should prepare for the birth and even the Baptism. Becky on the other hand has her own ideas and strives to be independent, free from her Mum’s interference.

Analysis Of Grandmother

The play evidences their journey and how the new arrival baby ‘Levi’ affects everyone’s lives. There are some beautiful (and funny) musical numbers throughout the play and all cast members are very talented.  hey are accompanied by acoustic guitar and every word sung was as clear as a bell. As a relatively new Nana myself, I had to reach for my tissues a couple of times. 

Unfortunately, Mum and Daughter fall out. Dad (Nathan Murphy) comforts Mum; he is her long-suffering but strong and dependable husband with a penchant for Showaddywaddy and Guinness. However, there’s a three-month estrangement for Mum and Daughter.

Baby Blues

Becky realises that she isn’t coping as well as expected. Her husband works away and she misses her Mum. She goes to see the doctor and the doctor’s prescription, rather than medication, is for her to get back in touch with her Mum. Mum and Daughter reunite, again, and they celebrate with music and a cracking duet. Dad turns up for the party and shows off his dancing skills! ‘Under the Moon of Love’ plays loudly and the audience joined in the singing and dancing!

Summary Of Grandmother

This performance demonstrates how both the new Grandmother and new Mum learn valuable lessons about compromise and forgiveness. But most of all, they learn about the importance of family and love. So, this was a really entertaining and joyful evening.

Overall Rating: 9/10 – Outstanding