Haunted Scouse Review – Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool

Haunted Scouse
Image Source: Jason Roberts Photography

This is our review of Haunted Scouse at Liverpool‘s Royal Court Theatre!

Synopsis Of Haunted Scouse

We meet Charlie, dancing in the living room to Stevie Wonder. Meanwhile, his wife Molly is asleep on the couch. We also learn that Charlie dislikes their neighbour, a good gardener but a condescending person. From there, we meet Linda, a psychic with hippie traits, who wakes up Molly to tell her that she’s drinking too much. It seems unusual at first until we realise what is happening. Namely, Molly is drinking heavily because of the anniversary of Charlie’s death.

But wait! Charlie is in the room with his wife; how is this the case? Well, we quickly realise that Charlie is actually a ghost, and he doesn’t even realise that he’s dead at first. Of course, Molly and Linda do, but they cannot see or hear Charlie. This all flummoxes Charlie, who wonders what happened and what he can do about it. From there, Charlie has to discover how he died for Mollie to move on from his death. But what role did she play in the tragedy? And what exactly are Gordon’s true intentions?

Analysis Of Haunted Scouse

There are some very funny scenes along the way in this show. These include some running jokes about the local leather shop in Central Station (you know the one). Not to mention that Linda’s ways of expressing herself, and what she believes Molly should do, are hilarious. And then there are Gordon’s suggestive gyrations when he reveals his affections for the now-widowed Molly.

As it’s a Royal Court show, there are lots of Liverpool-focused jokes to garner big laughs. All cast members play their roles very well, with plenty of recognisable tunes to form the soundtrack of the production. And while the tone is comedic and at times intentionally ridiculous, there are also touching, sad moments towards the end.

Summary Of Haunted Scouse

It’s another strong show at the Royal Court Theatre, promoting some performers who don’t normally receive their deserved plaudits. This show is a lot of fun, making for a very enjoyable night at the theatre. With a mixture of laughter, emotion, and mystery, this is one of the better Royal Court shows for 2024.

Overall Rating: 8/10 – Very Good