Heathers The Musical Review – Empire Theatre, Liverpool

Image Source: Pamela Raith Photography

This is our review of Heathers the Musical at Liverpool’s Empire Theatre!

Description of Heathers

Record breaking hit musical Heathers embarks on a new national tour. From Tuesday 4th – Saturday 8th July, Liverpool will get to enjoy this black comedy musical. You will get to see Jenna Innes as Veronica Sawyer and Verity Thompson as Heather Chandler. You can not only delve into the high school drama (with a dark side) but also get lost in the soundtrack, featuring songs like “Big Fun”, “Freeze Your Brain” and ‘Seventeen’.


This might have been the first night of the tour’s Liverpool run but first night nerves were hard to detect, as the performance given by each actor was fantastic. Some of the subjects dealt with the play were incredibly sensitive but this is quickly batted away with humour and sensational songs. From dramatic monologues to laugh out loud moments, each line had both diehard fans and new ones hooked from the onset.

The three Heathers (Verity Thompson, Elise Zavou and Billie Bowman respectively) shine as the bright-clothes adorned bitches of Westburg High School whilst Jenna Ines’ Veronica and Jacob Fowler’s ‘JD’ share a chemistry which brings warmth to their characters, in spite of their actions throughout the play.

There is plenty to get lost in during this play, from the killer (pun intended) subplot to the spectacular songs. The dark themes and tar black humour might not be to everyone’s taste but it’s impossible to not be engrossed with the performances, each actor gets into their designated role (popular girl, jock, loser, teacher, parent) so well you can’t help but enjoy the drama as it unfolds – even in moments you feel you shouldn’t be enjoying!

Analysis of Heathers

Before the play had even begun, it was clear a lot of the audience were already in the spirit of the play, buzzing with anticipation of what was to come.

The staging was interesting, as it weaved from the colourful classroom to the gritty scenes and back. This enabled the audience to see drama and comedy in one place, brilliantly setting the scene. Both the live characters and the eventual ghosts added to the drama and fun of the plot, dark paths are ventured in this play but not without a bit of humour along the way (plus two of the ghosts are shirtless for half the play, which is sure to go down a treat for plenty of viewers).

Summary of Heathers

Whether you’re a diehard fan or eager to see what the fuss is about, a trip to see Heathers the Musical comes highly recommended. With the spiky humour and dramatic undertones, it’s impossible not to get engrossed in this performance.

Under Andy Fickman’s direction, heavy themes are addressed  but there’s also a lightness and beauty to this play. It could be dark and disturbing but the audience participation (from outright heckling to people showing up in costumes) adds a layer of fun to what otherwise is the exact opposite.

Its themes may not be for everyone but for lovers of dark humour (and those who love a musical) this is sure to make a killing (pun intended).

Overall Rating: 8/10 – Very Good