Hey Duggee Live Review – Empire Theatre, Liverpool

Hey Duggee Live

This is our review of Hey Duggee at Liverpool‘s Empire Theatre. So, let’s take a look at Hey Duggee!

Description Of Hey Duggee

Have your little squirrels at the ready! Hey Duggee’s Live Theatre Show is in town on its very first tour! You will get to see Duggee do his thing alongside all of his friends. This includes every member of The Squirrel Club: Norrie, Happy, Tag, Betty, and Roly. It’s an interactive show that involves puppets, songs, dance, and laughs. Furthermore, it will introduce younger attendees to the magical and wonderful world of theatre!

The programme first aired on CBeebies in 2014. Every episode sees Duggee, a cuddly dog, and his friends earn badges for The Squirrel Club. It’s a highly-popular show amongst pre-schoolers, having won six Baftas and two International Emmys. And now it’s your turn to experience the show live and in person!

Analysis Of Hey Duggee

I attended the show with my 5-year-old niece, and she loved it from start to finish. As did everyone in the theatre of all ages, as there was plenty of fun for everybody. We got to see all of the familiar characters, along with some surprises. There were giggles aplenty, not to mention some nice songs and eye-catching dances. Furthermore, the screen effects and the use of lighting were very cool. One scene, in particular, drew plenty of “wow” reactions, along with the clever addition of props.

The best part about the show was just seeing how much fun that the younger children had. So, the show is only an hour long but bear in mind that TV episodes last five minutes apiece. Maintaining the attention span of the youngest kids in those circumstances isn’t easy. But the team behind this show pulled that off tremendously, generating chuckles and cheers all the way through. Oh, and make sure to collect the sticker leaflets when you arrive, because they enhance one’s experience even more!

Summary Of Hey Duggee

The first live tour of this hugely recognisable TV show was a major success. Everybody entered and left smiling, which is what every live show of this nature should do. Make sure to come along with fans of the show to experience Hey Duggee live!

Overall Rating: 9/10 – Outstanding