Homebaked The Musical Review – Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool

Homebaked The Musical
Image Source: Royal Court Theatre

Show: Homebaked The Musical
Location: Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool
Date: Wednesday September 30 2021
Time: 20.00
Running Time: 150 Minutes
Age Rating: 14+
Performers: Pauline Daniels
Production Companies: Royal Court Theatre & Red Ladder Theatre Company
Writer: Boff Whalley
Director: Rod Dixon

This is our theatre review for Homebaked The Musical at Liverpool‘s Royal Court Theatre. So, let’s take a look at Homebaked The Musical!

Homebaked The Musical

Synopsis Of Homebaked The Musical

Out of hard times, something magical can rise. So, back in 2012, the people of Anfield would find themselves in a tough position. Indeed, the prospect was there of losing most of their local community to property developers. And things would seem bleak for the former McKenzie’s bakery. But enter a number of similarly-thinking individuals combining to decide that enough is enough. Not only that, but they would help local lads needing work by transforming a crumbling old bakery. Hence the birth of Homebaked.

Furthermore, this would just be step one on this epic journey. Indeed, the half-baked idea would rise and peak to spawn a thriving community. But what adversity could they face along the way? And could they sustain the good vibes for the Anfield community as a whole? Well, to find out, you need to see this show. And grab your tickets now, because they’ll soon be scone!

Analysis Of Homebaked The Musical

This is a show that has humour and heart in equal abundance. There are plenty of laughs from the local one-liners, the football banter and the occasional jokes from Trevor. (Trevor being an occasional character that visits the bakery to deliver pearls of wisdom.) But it’s also just as important to emphasise the value of a community working together. Before the project begins, the central characters are merely customers with different backgrounds ranging from Anfield to Goodison Park to Widnes. Yet they all combine their various skills for the betterment of the new-look bakery.

And crucially, this is a true story to boot. Indeed, if you walk towards Anfield stadium, you will see the very same bakery operating as only it can. And certainly, if you approach it on a matchday (as I have many times), the pie window gets very busy. For all the expansion of big-name international brands across the city, people still want local treasures. And this bakery is amongst those, with its importance to residents currently being more important than ever before. So, it only adds to the enjoyment of this show that we can see and experience the bakery for ourselves. I should also note that the stage setting is incredibly authentic, with lighting also adding to the mood. And a shout-out to the backing musicians above the stage enhancing the tunes that we hear during this production.

Summary Of Homebaked The Musical

Not only would I suggest seeing Homebaked The Musical, but I would also suggest you visit Homebaked itself. The show tells its story, but the best way to appreciate this tale is to visit the cafe for yourself. So, I definitely give this show two thumbs-up, as well as wishing the bakery well for its bright future. And hopefully, it also inspires locals with similar creative ideas that they can shape their own communities for the better.


Target Audience: 14+
Content: Some Strong Language
Recommendation?: Yes

Overall Rating: 8.5/10 – Excellent

So, Homebaked The Musical runs at the Royal Court Theatre until Saturday October 23 2021. And to purchase tickets, please click here.

You can also visit the official website for the real-life Homebaked.

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