I Should Be So Lucky Review – Empire Theatre, Liverpool

I Should Be So Lucky
Image Source: Marc Brenner

This is our review of I Should Be So Lucky at Liverpool‘s Empire Theatre!

Synopsis Of I Should Be So Lucky

It’s wedding bells for Nathan and Elle, who are tying the knot with family and friends all in attendance. But Nathan does the unthinkable: losing his bottle, he says he can’t go through with it and leaves. Understandably, Elle is upset, and her family do their best to console the bride. However, there’s a silver lining of sorts: there’s a honeymoon for Elle and her family to take in Turkey. This provides a chance for Elle to erase memories of Nathan, and to possibly fall in love once again.

Back home, though, the groom is distraught and quickly determines that he made a terrible mistake. Therefore, under the advice of his best mate Ash, he vows to win back Elle’s heart. Even if that means travelling all the way to Turkey. But it’s not an easy task, not least because Nathan may now have competition. So, can Elle rebound, and/or can Nathan win back his bride? Oh, and Kylie Minogue appears in the mirror to Elle by providing guidance along her journey.

Analysis Of I Should Be So Lucky

The show is a lot of fun, and doesn’t take itself too seriously. There are scenarios that could play up more seriously, but the tone necessitates a lighter touch. And the evening is all the better for it, because there are some genuinely hilarious lines and visuals. It also moves along at a steady pace, with the show totalling 150 minutes (though there was a production-related pause). Meanwhile, the scenery is stunning with cool lighting effects, and the talented cast are believable in their roles.

But let’s face it: we’re all here for the music, aren’t we? The show has a superb soundtrack from the glory days of Stock, Aitken, and Waterman. Indeed, the Hit Factory offers up one memorable tune after another for the performers to sing. Of course, Kylie’s greatest hits take centre stage, with Better The Devil You Know, Especially For You, and Step Back In Time. (Not to mention the title track for the show itself!) But there are also classics from other artists, namely Rick Astley (hint hint). Oh, and there are some great random references, covering everything from Jane McDonald to New Brighton.

Summary Of I Should Be So Lucky

In closing, this is a feel-good musical with some great moments and a generally relaxed vibe. It’s also nice to step back in time (oops) to hear one vintage record after another. And given the appalling weather right now, it’s refreshing to see some sunshine on the stage! So, we would recommend checking this show out if you should be so lucky!

Overall Rating: 8.5/10 – Excellent