It Must Be Love Review – Bombed Out Church, Liverpool

It Must Be Love
Image Source: Kai Theatre Productions

Show: It Must Be Love
Location: Bombed Out Church, Liverpool
Date: Friday May 6 2022
Time: 18.00
Running Time: 60 Minutes
Age Rating: 16+
Performers: Natasha Hale, Rebecca Casey, Sean Radford & Ethan Madds
Production Companies: Kai Theatre Productions & Pampas Plays
 Paul Daley
 Kai Jolley

This is our theatre review for It Must Be Love at Liverpool‘s Bombed Out Church. So, let’s take a look at It Must Be Love!

Synopsis Of It Must Be Love

Before the show begins, old-school TV ads play on the TV screens. On the stage, we see several small rows of chairs awaiting other cinema guests for those actually in the show. So, we meet Shirley (Natasha Hale) and Phillip (Sean Radford). They’re a loving couple that is 18 months into their relationship. However, we quickly learn that they’ve yet to have sex. Shirley wants to wait until they’re married before they make love. In contrast, Phillip clearly wants their passion to become physical much sooner. Furthermore, this difference of opinion creates conflict between the two, despite their romance.

Matters aren’t helped when Shirley’s mum Pamela (Rebecca Casey) and current partner Joe (Ethan Madds) turn up. Not least because they’re the total opposite; they can’t keep their hands off one another. So much so that they start having sexual intercourse at the back of the cinema. So much for Love Story, the actual movie they’re watching that Shirley fantasises about. As the show goes on, the frequent discussions of sex greatly try Shirley’s patience. And after Phillip has some revelations, it’s no longer a case of “when” but “if” for the couple.

Analysis Of It Must Be Love

I saw this show a few months ago and enjoyed the throwback nature of it. Indeed, the sexual jokes felt Carry On-esque, though taken to a further degree than anything involving Kenneth Connor, Sid James and co. The premise of the relationship between Phillip and Shirley raises some interesting questions for both men and women to ponder. Namely, is there a difference between the lads having banter about a “bird” and girls gossiping about a guy? That’s the most thought-provoking point for people to consider from what is otherwise a slapstick show.

There are definitely some standout moments, such as the surreal sex involving Joe and Pamela inside the cinema. Not to mention Joe’s dodgy dress sense. And I particularly giggled at Phillip trying to calm down a furious Shirley with a chocolate ice lolly. It did seem that it took a while for the audience to get into the show. The tone of the humour was obvious from the beginning, and also from the marketing. Yet it was a good while before the crowd responded in kind to what was occurring on stage. Fortunately, they were fully on board after a while, and the cast got a big ovation at the finish.

Summary Of It Must Be Love

Unlike most of the shows for Little LTF, this show had previously performed to a Liverpool audience. But this allowed for stronger performances and a tighter production as a whole. All of which makes this a show that I would suggest for anyone to check out. Especially those who may wish to delve into the significance of sex for a relationship in a humorous manner.


Target Audience: Ages 16+
Content: Frequent Sexual Innuendo, Infrequent Strong Sex References, Infrequent Strong Language
Recommendation?: Yes

Overall Rating: 8/10 – Very Good

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