Life Of Pi Review – Empire Theatre, Liverpool

Life Of Pi
Image Source: Johan Persson

This is our review of Life Of Pi at Liverpool‘s Empire Theatre!

Synopsis Of Life Of Pi

What makes for a good life story? Is it having an exciting anecdote to reveal? Or does it concern focusing on the true nature of world events? Perhaps it’s about adding some colour to jazz up an otherwise dark situation. But maybe, just maybe, it’s better to embellish and reframe a genuine situation into something with magic, vibrancy, and surrealness. Why not combine all of these elements? That’s what happens as Pi recaps his tale of how he ended up in a hospital in Mexico. Pi’s origins stretch back to his homeland of India, and working at the family zoo amidst political turmoil.

Now, Pi loved all of the animals, and he loves God; in fact, he follows three religions simultaneously! But one bengal tiger, Richard Parker, changes his perception about survival instincts. Yet the bigger struggle lies ahead: brewing tensions cause the family to leave India and sail to Canada. But when a shipwreck occurs, Pi has to find a way to survive against all odds. However, it’s all about how Pi recaps his escape from a near-death situation. And his faith in God withstands even the most insurmountable of situations.

Analysis Of Life Of Pi

This is quite a memorable show, not least due to the creative use of life-size puppets to resemble animals. Indeed, the recreation of Richard Parker may have some attendees quivering, such is the likeness to the real thing. The special effects are something to behold, and the production as a whole feels top-notch throughout. Meanwhile, the running time is relatively low at 2 hours 20 minutes. This feels just right for a multi-part story that has many significant moments.

Yet all of this pales in comparison to the sensational performance of Divesh Subaskaran. In the role of Pi, Divesh ticks all the boxes. He shows fear and courage, anger and concern, strength and weakness. Divesh is both believable and sympathetic, as well as versatile by adapting to everything from sprinting zebras to murderous chefs. He’s a character that the audience roots for from start to finish, even when battling non-believers who sully his feelings. Indeed, Divesh’s acting elevates what is already a powerful production into something special.

Summary Of Life Of Pi

In closing, this feels like a show that everybody has to see at least once, even amidst the more tragic and grisly scenes. If you’ve seen this movie, then you will love seeing this amazing tale come to life before your eyes. But if you’re new to Pi’s unforgettable story, you’re in for a treat.

Overall Rating: 9/10 – Outstanding