Liverpool Theatre Festival 2021 Preview – Bombed Out Church, Liverpool

Liverpool Theatre Festival 2021
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Liverpool Theatre Festival 2021 begins on Wednesday September 1 2021. And the festival, playing to Liverpool‘s Bombed Out Church, runs until Sunday September 12 2021. Now, this 15-show event will be one of the theatre highlights of the year in Liverpool. So, let’s take a closer look at the Liverpool Theatre Festival 2021!

Liverpool Theatre Festival 2021

2Gorgeous4U – Wednesday September 1 2021 – 17.00 & 20.00

We meet Clare, a beautician who owns her own Spa and Treatment Room in Waterloo. And she is more than happy being single, though she has online dating profiles just in case. Indeed, her sole desire in her life is to own a wet room. Now, back in the Britpop heyday of the 1990s, she was one half of a pop duo. This band was 2Gorgeous4U, and she would sing alongside her best friend Tina. And they would be wild, but they would fall out acrimoniously. So, what will happen when a request comes in for the duo to reform at a music festival in Liverpool? Will they be able to put the past behind them and move on? And what is the reason for their falling out in the first place?

Perfectly Frank – Swinging The Hits Of Sinatra – Thursday September 2 2021 – 19.30

You may be familiar with David Knopov’s tribute to Frank Sinatra on BBC’s The One And Only. Furthermore, it is one of the very best tributes to Ol’ Blue Eyes anywhere. So much so that David brings more than 30 years of bringing Frank to life on stage. Indeed, he entertains audiences all over the world, with previous observers including The Queen, The King Of Greece and Sir David Frost. Now, you can experience this show for yourself! David Knopov brings this show to the Liverpool Theatre Festival for a splendid night of musical entertainment. So, allow him to be Frank, sit back and enjoy this tremendous production.

The Last Five Years – Friday September 3 2021 – 17.00 & 20.00

This is an intimate look spotlighting the relationship between two New York natives. Now, one is an actress and the other is a writer. And they would fall in and out of love over the course of a five-year period. The musical is modern and within one long act, forming something of a theatrical masterpiece. It is powerful, emotional and incredibly honest while also boasting an incredible musical score. And its unique structure gives numerous twists and turns for the audience to digest.

When Another Dragon Roars – Saturday September 4 2021 – 11.30

So, the two of them are about to go on a camping trip. Their purpose is to get away from everything and simply enjoy quality time together. Now, Alfie can sometimes struggle to talk, and the same applies to his Mum. Along the way, though, they decide to share stories about dragons. Furthermore, this includes scary dragons, sulking dragons, funny dragons and angry dragons. As their stories continue, they both discover how emotions are tricky beasts, no different to the dragons. And while we need to tame them, sometimes a release of them is necessary. This story uses charm, wit and humour, and it’s both thoughtful and heartwarming. And both children and adults will love this show.

Everybody’s Talking About Musicals – Saturday September 4 2021 – 18.00 & 20.30

Pearson Theatre Productions and Curtis Productions come together for the very first time. So, they deliver a truly wonderful evening of musical theatre entertainment. Now, this provides some fantastic stars from major West End shows. These include SIX The Musical, & Juliet, Kinky Boots and Mamma Mia. There’s also some top-level local theatre stars and future talent from Liverpool Theatre School. All of those within the show can’t wait for this performance which will be vibrant and electrifying. Furthermore, we might even get to do the Time Warp (again)!

Boing … Meow! – Sunday September 5 2021 – 11.30

Stanley The Cat is simply searching for the perfect place that he can sleep. And there’s nothing more that Auntie May loves more than her ginger cat Stanley. But just like any cat, Stanley enjoys wandering around in the local neighbourhood. And he loves anywhere that he can have his afternoon nap. So, join Auntie May while she looks for Stanley while singing, dancing and creating interactive games for the audience. Indeed, everybody will love to spend time with Stanley and Auntie May. And it just proves that there’s nothing better than spending time and having tons of fun with your friends!

Electric Dreams – Sunday September 5 2021 – 16.00 & 20.00

This show pays homage to the 1980s with a musical version of the classic Shakespeare play A Midsummer Night’s Dream. So, this has an explosion of colour and excitement due to its “totally awesome! 1980s soundtrack. And the King and Queen Of The Fairies battle within the setting of mid-1980s Athens. It’s a Midsummer Night, and four young lovers along with several strange actors find themselves within a forest. But it’s there that Rock Diva Fairies are all the rage. Oh, and there’s one mischievous sprite looking to wreak havoc. So, what could possibly go wrong? Join us for this incredible music theatre event … it’s (a) kinda magic!

An Evening Without Kate Bush – Monday September 6 2021 – 19.30

This show features a truly chaotic cabaret cult, and it’s all the better for it! We enter a Strange Phenomena while howling with the The Hounds Of Love and dancing with Wuthering Heights. Now, Kate Bush is not there, but you are. Indeed, this sees Sarah-Louise Young team up with theatremaker Russell Lucas to look back at Kate’s music and mythology. With a career spanning forty years, Kate always finds new ways to surprise fans and confound critics. And through her journey, Kate’s fanbase remains as loyal as ever. So, now come and join us as we celebrate Kate Bush through a truly unique and memorable production.

Twice Nightly – Tuesday September 7 2021 – 19.30

After a successful run as part of Liverpool Theatre Festival Of New Works, this show returns! So, the year is 1931. And it seems that variety really is the spice of life! Indeed, for both Don and Madge (a song and dance double act), life in Liverpool really is sweet. But then it turns sour. Cue a night of bitter disruption that leaves them both in a pickle. And from there, they stew over memories of their fruity careers, making for some outrageous flavour!

Swan Song – Wednesday September 8 2021 – 19.30

Set in Liverpool, it is Christmas 1997. So, the world is changing. And in the staff room, the gay, forty-something English teacher Dave Titswell finds that not all change is welcome. Now, he has a crush. But life, love, and work are never straightforward for Dave. However, will a school trip to The Lakes change things for the better? Or will it make things even worse? So, this show will make audiences laugh, but equally pull at the heartstrings. Furthermore, everyone knows someone like Dave, or they could even be a Dave themselves.

Opera Beneath The Stars – Thursday September 9 2021 – 19.30

This is a brilliant evening covering incredible operatic and classical musical hits. So, with several national and international stars on hand, the standard for this production is sky-high. Furthermore, there is live piano accompaniment helping to cover the most popular and heart-warming songs. These stem from Grand Opera, Modern Classical and Musical, Operetta and Neapolitan Song and Modern Classical. So, come along for a world-class and breathtaking night with fabulous music ideal for opera-lovers new and old.

Broken Biscuits – Friday September 10 2021 – 18.00 & 20.30

In the past, Rita and Maggie would be lifelong friends. That was until a terrible tragedy would shatter their lives and also their friendship. And now with emotions running high, it seems that things are about to get even worse. However, Maggie hopes to save their friendship. Mind you, a cup of tea and a packet of ginger nuts might not be enough to do the trick. So, will Maggie be able to save the friendship … and Rita too? We will realise the importance of friendship, laughter, love, hope and sadness, all central themes to this touching tale.

Twelfth Night – Saturday September 11 2021 – 13.00

William Shakespeare’s classic tale is a swashbuckling affair. And it covers love, life and also confusion over one’s identity! Furthermore, this features a live ‘Pirate’ Band and a scary yet loveable Pirate Queen. There’s also a Fool or two, and all with tons of fun for all of the family. Indeed, The Boaty Theatre Company are breathing new life into this timeless comedy play.

Laughterhouse Comedy – Saturday September 11 2021 – 18.00 & 20.30

This is the longest-running comedy club active in Liverpool. So, they’re famous for delivering the absolute best in live stand-up comedy to UK audiences for 15 years. Furthermore, they realise what makes a truly great evening of stand-up comedy. Yet those behind Laughterhouse are themselves comedy fans, who are aware of the power and excitement of stand-up comedy. And following the huge success of the show to open Liverpool Theatre Festival 2020, it returns for this year’s festival. So, prepare for a night of hilarity from Scouse favourites top international comedy circuit acts!

Goldilocks And The Fab 4 – Sunday September 12 2021 – 13.00

Hang on to your broomsticks, because Goldilocks is about to be taking flight! So, after suffering the fright of her life, Goldilocks heads into a magical forest to look for her parents. But she’s unaware that her biggest adventure is awaiting in a huge castle within the middle of the woods. And she even meets the Fab 4, who have something magical that they need to tell her. Ultimately, Goldilocks stumbles on the great school of both witchcraft and wizardry. And together with the Fab 4, Goldilocks faces her biggest fears. In doing so, she must save her parents from the Wicked Queen Of The Enchanted Forest. So, this experience comes from the company behind A Fairy Tale Journey Across The Mersey. And so you should look forward to an all-new magical, musical, mash-up panto to satisfy all of the family.

Something About George – The George Harrison Story – Sunday September 12 2021 – 17.00 & 20.00

They say that “All Things Must Pass”. However, George Harrison’s name is going to live on forever. Now, this show comes from the team behind Something About Simon – The Paul Simon Story. And this all-new show explains what happens to you after being in the world’s greatest band. So, it features Daniel Taylor, who details the story behind one of the music industry’s most understated icons. And we hear songs like Something, My Sweet Lord and Handle With Care. But there’s also amazing solo material and music from the supergroup that was The Travelling Wilburys. And of course there’s plenty of great Beatles tracks as well. Furthermore, there’s heartbreak, hedonism, songwriting and success. And more than anything, this show emphasises a life that would be anything but quiet.


St. Luke’s Church is more notable amongst Liverpudlians as being the Bombed Out Church. And that’s because of the impact of the Blitz during the Second World War on the church. But its history dates back to its original opening between 1811 and 1832. Furthermore, it remains a cultural landmark for those within the city. And it now acts as a hidden gem for the city with live entertainment and refreshments available for locals. Best of all, it acts as the home base for the Liverpool Theatre Festival. Why not come along to the festival to check out the church yourself?

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