Making It Review – Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool

Making It
Image Source: Royal Court Theatre

This is our review of Making It at Liverpool‘s Royal Court Theatre. So, let’s take a look at Making It!

Description Of Making It

Held in the Studio basement of the Royal Court Theatre, this show guides us through a career. Well, a career with many stops and starts, as well as a mixture of obstacles and disappointments. For Bev (Catherine Rice), a gig at her friend Harry’s (Andrew Schofield) social club is a comedown. However, it happens as she awaits a potentially life-changing telephone call. That call concerns a possible appearance in a film. But will Bev get the part?

It’s hard to say. Because as she explains throughout the story, Bev has experienced more than her fair share of false dawns. These range from a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo on Coronation Street to an ill-fated televised talent show triumph. Through it all, as well as a personal tragedy, Bev never loses sight of her dream. Yet Harry wonders if she has lost sight of what makes her happy. It all comes down to this crucial phone call, but will Bev get what she wants? And how can Harry convince Bev that “making it” may not be what she thinks?

Analysis Of Making It

This show is a great reflection of how local artists struggle through the small halls and through truly bizarre situations. It’s easy to see a singer on TV and assume that their journey to the top is straightforward. But sometimes even achieving minimal success is akin to climbing Everest. And as Bev notes, there are a lot of shady characters on the entertainment scene, both locally and nationally.

That’s when Andrew Schofield comes in with numerous absolutely hilarious personas. Whether it’s a pervy photographer, an uptight director or a horrific singer, we see them all. And the audience is in stitches as Drew’s characters become more and more ludicrous. All the while, we get plenty of one-liners from both Catherine and Andrew that highlight harsh realities for entertainment performers. Ultimately, though, we not only appreciate their daily struggles but also how local clubs are worlds away from globally-recognised venues.

Summary Of Making It

I thought this show was hilarious, providing tons of daft moments while also possessing a serious message. For anyone who has endured similar difficulties, this show is a must-watch. But even those who aren’t in the entertainment industry will have a ball.

Overall Rating: 8.5/10 – Excellent